What information is required to sign up for a LibertyX account? What are the purchasing limits?

By June 29, 2020Bitcoin Business
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LibertyX offers a few different verification levels to make purchasing bitcoin as frictionless as possible. Higher purchasing limits require additional verification. When you create your LibertyX account, by default, it will take you through the $1,400 per week approval process. To increase your purchasing limits beyond that, select <Increase Limits"> from the <Menu>.

Up to $3,000 per DAY (rolling 24 hours)

Verified phone number and identification photos; Can purchase from independent retailers and ATMs; can also purchase from chain retailers (w/ SSN)

* If we are unable to verify your phone number, the $1,400 per week limit may not be an option and you will need to apply for the $3,000 daily limit to activate your account. We have seen this issue most frequently with VOIP phone numbers so we recommend you use your wireless carrier number wherever possible.

Our entry level is a weekly purchase limit of $1,400 and this allows you to use cash or your debit card to purchase bitcoin at our independent retailers or ATMs. You cannot purchase from chain retailers.

You can complete additional verification to receive a daily purchase limit of $3,000. You will use the mobile app to take pictures of the front and back of your drivers license and yourself. We check these against public records to make sure you are a real person and we are legally allowed to offer our services to you.

Finally, to purchase from our chain retailers, our partner banks require that we also collect Social Security Number (SSN). Upon completing this verification you will be able to purchase $500 per day from chain retailers and $3,000 per day from independent retailers and ATMs.

For security reasons, all verification is completed and identification photos are uploaded through our mobile app and website. You can submit any requested documentation by clicking <Menu> <Increase Limits> and following the prompts. LibertyX is able to accept a valid US-government issued driver's license or state identification card.

Note: Some accounts may require ID verification for security and compliance reasons. Please read our Terms of Service with regards to our privacy policy. Customers are subject to a maximum of four transactions per 48 hours. This means either redemption of PINs, or overall purchases at cashier stores, ATMs, or kiosks.

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