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By June 30, 2020Bitcoin Business
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How much alt coin diversification is needed? 0%?

There is no need to look at a lame indicator, and you and I have already discussed, so there is no reason to discuss it again a few months later because you are not bringing up any facts or logic that would cause market dominance to become a more important indicator.. especially in the way that you are framing the matter.

If you have a lame indicator, it is not going to tell you anything, even if you want to use such lame indicator to tell a kind of phoney baloney bullshit story that you want to tell.

Sure.. bitcoin is a bunch of things, including a store of value.

I would not recommend fucking around with short or medium term baloney..

Best to figure out a long term strategy and invest accordingly. Once you get a long term strategy together, then maybe it could be ok. to fuck around with various short/medium term gambling plays.. which might include playing around with various shitcoins that may or may not experience some short term pumpenings, if you are lucky.. but get your shit together with bitcoin before getting distracted into various shitcoins.

Also, another dynamic that seems to play out, is that once people get their shit together with bitcoin, frequently they will lose interest in shitcoins, because bitcoin is already a hedge and a risky investment, so why stack additional risk, when almost every single shitcoin is already dependent upon bitcoin before it is even enabled to have a pumpening... so if anyone is investing in bitcoin they are tending to add risk rather than adding hedge to their investment portfolio.

Yes.. go take your shitcoin discussion to another thread. I am not personally denying that there might not be some benefits from various shitcoins, but your pumping them is off topic and just leads down a nonsense devolution into irrelevancy... we have plenty to discuss in this thread, including but not limited to whether bottom threads are too homo or not.

Most people invest in shorter time horizons than that.

If you are talking about my signature, it is framed as a question not a statement. You may need to read it again, and strive to not project your ideas too much when you are trying to attribute ideas to others.

You are really getting off topic.

Have you heard of bitcoin? There are a lot of interesting things going on in bitcoin. No need to assume it is broken.. and if you do assume that it is broken, then possibly this thread is not really a good place for you, unless you can figure out some better ways to substantiate your seemingly pie in the sky (and lame, too) speculations.

Oh gawd... now you want to promote some shitcoin and suggest that there are ways to earn dividends? Or you are suggesting trading shitcoins in order to earn more bitcoin? Either one of those strategies are quite risky, and they tend to be a place where newbie bitcoiners end up going in order to get rekkt.. have seen it many times, historically. You are coming here to attempt to entice bitcoiners into getting involved (and distracted) into shitcoins? You need some gullible folks to join your shitcoin ponzi so you can get out at the right time and leave them holding the bag and walking away with fewer, rather than more bitcoins?

Of course, there is already a lot going on in the space, and some of the variety of activities will get absorbed into bitcoin and others of the activities will die on the vine.

The main clueless one seems to be you, with your altcoin pumpening talking points.. maybe they will work on some people this time? Maybe? Perhaps? Of course, you feel like you need to come over to some bitcoin threads to pump your bullshit from time to time because it is not always easy to get new suckers to buy into your lame ass shitcoin talking points. Now go run along, toknormal, so that we can breath in and out a bit more, instead of being distracted by your shitcoin pumpenings attempts that rely on stupid ass manipulated metrics such as bitcoin dominance based on diluted market cap baloney.

Shoo shoo... run along.... Notice that I have vegeta behind me on this one....

Activity: 2296
Merit: 2903
How much alt coin diversification is needed? 0%?There is no need to look at a lame […]

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