Cartesi launches Decartes SDK bringing blockchain dapp development to Linux

By July 2, 2020DApps
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The Cartesi Foundation today declared the launch of the Decartes software development kit and developer portal to allow developers to create distributed ledger blockchain apps utilizing the Linux operating system. The SDK, which is recently an alpha test version, will enable developers to utilize mainstream software and libraries to develop distributed apps or dapps more efficiently while also maintaining the blockchain’s security and capabilities.

“The SDK launch will allow developers who are already in the blockchain space to perform heavy computations and to get the convenience and the tools they were lacking before,” said Erick Demoura, co-founder and chief executive of Cartesi in a statement. “Our vision is to make it possible, in the future, for any developer to build on top of Cartesi, to remove the boundaries and to make broad adoption of dapps a reality.”

Cartesi believes that by providing an SDK, developers will discover it more comfortable to develop dapps by making use of software stacks and coding languages they are most common with. Utilizing Decartes, and the Cartesi infrastructure, blockchain developers, will not require to sacrifice decentralization to utilize mainstream libraries for development.

Alongside the Decartes SDK, Cartesi has also launched a developer portal that will provide access to the Cartesi ecosystem to build unique dapps. Utilizing Decartes and Cartesi, developers can learn precisely how to produce and deploy dapps within the ecosystem, unlock massive computational resources within Linux, and utilize mainstream software stacks and libraries to create complex logic.

Developers will also have access to mature, mainstream “zero-knowledge” libraries that collect in Linux. The SDK also offers smart contract access to file systems to read, process, modify, way among dapp participants, while still maintaining the security guarantees of the blockchain.

In Cartesi, developers will utilize Ethereum, a public blockchain that is second only to the biggest blockchain, bitcoin. Ethereum was produced for business use and enabled the application of powerful smart contracts, which are programmable agreements between parties that administer under specific conditions. The Cartesi platform can be seen today by playing Creepts Tower Defense; a dapp tower defense game created using the software. Creepts provides a proof-of-concept for technology.

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