IOTA Selv enables safe travel in times of Corona

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  • The European Philanthropy Association (EFA) praises the potential of the IOTA-based Health Passport and the support of IOTA in the fight against COVID19.
  • IOTA enables the secure exchange of important and sensitive data without violating the privacy of individual users.

The European Philanthropy Association (EFA) has raised more than $1.1 billion for hospitals and other healthcare institutions to help them fight the coronavirus. IOTA was particularly important in the area of data exchange and the resulting app IOTA Selv, as this enabled sensitive personal data to be collected and used securely and tamper-proof via the Tangle.

IOTA Selv enables safe travel in times of Corona

In May of this year, IOTA joined forces with the Dentons law firm in a hackathon to develop “Selv”. The app is based on IOTA’s distributed ledger technology and enables people to return to work and move across borders despite the COVID19 pandemic.

The app runs completely encrypted and is scalable and interoperable with other systems as it follows the W3C specifications on distributed identities. In a new article, EFA highlights the IOTA Foundation’s commitment to the fight against Coroan and the potential of the technology. Dr. Michele Nati states that the greatest challenge was above all to collect and process data while fully respecting anonymity and data protection:

One of the challenges that emerged during the crisis was the trust in, and exchange of data among citizens, businesses and governments, while being able to maintain the citizens’ privacy.

The use of IOTA Selv has enabled the development of a decentralised health passport that fully meets these requirements and helps citizens in difficult times like these (freely translated):

Thanks to the Foundation’s agile way of working, we could quickly jump to action in applying our open-source technology to some of these pressing issues. An example was the development of IOTA Selv, a self-sovereign Digital Health Passport that allows the decentralised verification of health credentials, enabling citizens to travel more safely during public health crises.

Both the IOTA Foundation, the EFA and other members work on the preparation and transfer of important knowledge in the fight against the novel corona virus.

IOTA announces full decentralization by 2021

IOTA 2.0 will be released in three phases: Pollen, Nectar and Honey. Pollen will be the first official test network for IOTA 2.0 and will bring far-reaching innovations compared to the previous internal alpha version of the test network (GoShimmer v0.1.3). The second step will be the release of Nectar in the second half of 2020, which will include all Coordicide modules.

Honey is the final milestone on the road to full decentralization and will include all modules according to the requirements specification for IOTA 2.0. The transaction throughput will then increase to several hundred thousand transactions per second.

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IOTA enables the secure exchange […]

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