The future of dApp development. The end of blockchain tribalism

By July 4, 2020DApps
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As every blockchain have its advantage and disadvantages there is no blockchain which will rule them all. Every blockchain will get congested as soon there are too much “mass adoption” dApps on it, which actually getting used. One blockchain is more decentralized, another more performant.

The solution are decentralized services which are validated and 100% ONchain. A platform layer where dApps can choose what they need, without important trade-offs for their applications. And everybody who want to offer a service, can offer them as a Service Provider. The DSP’s (DAPP Service Providers) are the new (Amazon) Web Services but for blockchains. Today the DAPP Network counts already 35 DSP’s offering 120 services (packages) and counting…

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The DAPP Network is the first solution which offers this kind of decentralized services. And with the DAPP Resource Exchange where developers can rent DAPP tokens for an affordable price for 30 days, they can pay monthly for their resources and scale their dApps step by step. And it doesn’t make a difference if it’s a new developed dApp or if somebody want to use services for an already existing dApp. If the dApp already exists on a specific blockchain, it can stay on that blockchain and nonetheless use services or scale without tradeoffs. No need any more to change to another blockchain thanks to LiquidLink.

What do you think will happen to the crypto space when companies and big enterprises start to realize that they are independent of any specific blockchain and that they can scale/tokenize their dApps to an affordable price to mass adoption without any tradeoffs?

With Zeus SDK offers an open source plug and play development platform/middleware. Github:

Showcase LiquidOracles, LiquidAccounts, LiquidScheduler, or vRAM in your dApps and you could win a grant of up to 300,000 DAPP tokens! If you have questions get in contact with LiquidApps team! They and Beni Hakak personally will support and help you that your dApp will stay affordable for you and have the best chance to get successful!

Working services today, offered by multiple DSP’s to choose from, 100% all ONchain, are:

LiquidLink: LiquidLink allows you to connect your dApp to assets, actions, and applications on any blockchain you want (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOSIO chains like EOS, WAX, Worbli, Ultra, Telos, BOS, …). Working and integrated product today

LiquidX: LiquidX enables dApps to run on the blockchain of their choice and still enjoy all of the benefits of using DAPP Network services Working and integrated product today

LiquidChains: Blockchain as a Service with unprecedented customizability. Your Chain, Your Choice! LiquidChains are fast, easy, fully customizable blockchains for your project, running on the popular proof of work or proof of stake consensus mechanisms. Each LiquidChain comes out of the box with the full suite of DAPP Network services ready for use. Working and integrated product today

Liquid vCPU: Boundless Computational Power. With vCPU, your application can offload intense computing work to the distributed DAPP Network. Working product today

Proofen link to Ethereum and EOSIO chains. Already integrated in CoVax and Project Phoenix

LiquidOracles: Choose from different DSP’s low latency oracle services. LiquidOracles stands out by keeping SLAs and data verification on chain, protecting you from the risks of malicious or accidental failure. Protect your data streams from being modified by malicious parties. Decentralized and trustless, without needing a separate blockchain Working and already integrated product today in and Project Phoenix

LiquidScheduler: Set timed events. Free up resources when users become inactive. Schedule regular checks of data sources. Take advantage of options to make your application more resistant to unreliable providers and infrastructure failures. It’s kind of a cron job. Example: regularly update from oracle feed (Example all 15 seconds) Working and already integrated product today in and Project Phoenix

LiquidBrinX: Frictionless Cross-Chain Data Transfer. Now anyone can deploy a cross-blockchain token bridge to allow for asset transfers in between chains! LiquidBrinX blends together vRAM, LiquidOracles and LiquidScheduler to yield a smooth and secure interoperability solution for dApps. Proofen and working product today

LiquidAccounts: LiquidAccounts allows dApps to provide users with free accounts, created easily, by inputting simple, familiar details such as only a username and password. Eliminate onboarding difficulties with a solution that remains secure and trustless, all while being able to easily transition accounts to mainnet accounts when requested. Working and already integrated product today in and Project Phoenix

LiquidStorage: IPFS decentralized storage. Decentralized Storage for Files, Websites, and More. Proofen and working product today. Already integrated with Project Phoenix

vRam: Alternative & Compatible Memory Solution. vRAM is an alternative memory solution for developers building blockchain dApps that is RAM-compatible, decentralized, and enables storing & retrieving of potentially unlimited amounts of data affordably and efficiently Working and already integrated product today with Moonlighting (700’000 users) and Project Phoenix

LiquidArchive: History API Provisioning Proofen and working product today

LiquidCrypto: LiquidCrypto service offer a whole suite of cryptographic algorithms from ECC, RSA signatures & encryptions to ZK-Snarks, Blind signatures Proofen and working product today. Already integrated in Project Phoenix

LiquidHarmony: Web/IBC/vCP/SQL Services Proofen and working product today

LiquidSQL: decentralized databases. Proofen and working product today

LiquidBilling: Transaction signing service Proofen and working product today

LiquidDNS: DAPP Service Provider hosted DNS Service Proofen and working product today

LiquidRandomness: Easy, Secure Random Number Generation. Blockchains, by nature, exclude the possibility of easily obtaining truly random numbers for use in applications. As a result, numerous dApps have been gamed. Easily implement randomness without resorting to vulnerable, complex, or expensive methods Proofen and working product today

LiquidEscrow: Today’s most successful centralized applications are popular because they are simple, trustworthy, and predictable. What if we could leverage Discord, the world’s largest internet gaming community, to bring millions of gamers a brand new experience on a platform that they already know and love? Team Onessus have harnessed the power of the DAPP network to offer these gamers something amazing: A Global Economic Esports Community, utilizing a new DAPP Network Service, which we call LiquidEscrow. Proofen and working product today

Project Phoenix (a Patreon-like dApp) is a showcase for mostly all the DAPP services and how you can use them. The code will soon be opensource on github.

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It can be fast like EOSIO, it can be with sharding like Cosmos, it can be decentralized like Ethereum, it can be with IBC like BOS, it can be true multi-chain like polkadot, it can be encrypted like privacy coins (Soon maybe as well with Monero tech if PEOS project succeed and if DSP offer this services), it can be stored ONchain like Filecoin, it can use oracles like chainlink (but with low latency) – It offers TODAY what 7 blockchains or more combined would offer!

And now tell me again, whats your excuse that you are not using DAPPNetwork’s service’s and/or developing with Zeus SDK from

Showcase LiquidOracles, LiquidAccounts, LiquidScheduler, or vRAM in your dApps and you could win a grant of up to 300,000 DAPP tokens!

More information about all the services:

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