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By July 7, 2020DApps
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The Mcash Foundation has been growing steadily in 2019. Mcashchain has been initiating many partnerships to build products & services for Midas and Mcash Ecosystem. McashPay, McashPlay, Midashimaya, and many games have received great support from the Foundation for both product development and go-to-market. Now is the time we help more dApp/bApp development teams to grow by making market-focused applications on Blockchain.


www.dAppOnDemand.com, supported by Mcash Foundation, will be launched from 12 pm, 5th November 2019. With this platform, ideas can be submitted and then voted by the public using both Midas Wallet and McashLight extension. We will select the most voted ideas, incubate and grow them to serve the market and the community.

Follow us to read about the first batch of projects to be voted in November 2019.

  1. Project 1: God of Go
  2. Project 2: Lucky Wheel
  3. Project 3: Duo Battle
  4. Project 4: Vault
  5. Project 5: Maslot
  6. Project 6: Tic Tac Toe (Cờ Ca rô)
  7. Project 7: Mission Today
  8. Project 8: Jie Qi (Yết Kì — Cờ Úp)

For project teams:

Every 3 month, the top 2 most voted projects will receive support from Mcash Foundation as follows:

1. Technical support, business coaching & mentoring at Best Center (free co-working space)

2. Receive 1,500 USD financial support monthly for a maximum of 6 months.

3. Mcash voted for project will be project’s asset

4. Support for subsequent fundraising activities

5. Subsidized/reduced fees for expansion to global market through Singapore gateway

6. Project’s Dapp/Bapp will be listed on Midas dApp Store by default at zero listing fee.

7. You will own minimum 50% shares of the project if any legal entity need to be setup to accelerate the project to full potential.

How to participate:

1. Your Dapp/Bapp must be built on or make use of MCashChain

2. A portion of your Dapp/Bapp earning need to contribute to Masphere Lords Passive Income scheme

To submit your idea: https://forms.gle/f1kLD6NKP8Y3xBG1A

For voters (all votes by $Mcash only)

1. You can select and vote for the project you like the most

2. If the project you vote for fails to be on Top 2, your votes (Mcash) will be refunded.

3. If the project you vote for is the winner (in Top 2), your votes will be converted into preferred shares (value to be determined).

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