IOTA: BlockchainLab Drenthe develops accreditation solution

By July 7, 2020Altcoins
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  • The BlockchainLab Drenthe is developing an IOTA Tangle based “Self Sovereign Attendancy” application, which allows people to prove their participation in an event in compliance with the GDPR regulations.
  • Simplex, the payment service provider for crypto-to-fiat payments, has announced the integration of IOTA.

Dutch-based BlockchainLab Drenthe announced yesterday via Twitter that it is developing a “Self Sovereign Attendancy” application based on the IOTA Tangle. The technology is about being able to prove that someone has attended a course, conference or similar for accreditation, as proof for the school or tax authorities, without giving out irrelevant information about the person.

The BlockchainLab Drenthe researches the blockchain technology and develops first versions of applications. The development is “open”, which means that everyone can watch, participate and think. The goals of the laboratory are to disseminate knowledge about blockchain technology and applications through education, and to research the applicability and feasibility of blockchain technology on behalf of entrepreneurs and governments. In addition, the company strives for the establishment of a partner network to lower blockchain entry barriers.

How the BlockchainLab Drenthe explained in a promotional video published yesterday, medical staff, accountants, tax consultants and students, for example, are often required to provide proof of certain training or courses in order to receive education points. Up to now, a list of participants has traditionally been kept or a document stamped as proof.

The IOTA based solution of the BlockchainLab Drenthe provides for a basic data protection regulation (GDPR) compliant solution and is intended to solve the three main problems that have existed up to now with this type of evidence. Firstly, the technology enables a GDPR compliant registration. Secondly, it enables to create a forgery-proof proof of participation and thirdly, the proof is created in such a way that the examiner can be sure that the participant has actually participated in person.

The technology works in such a way that the event organizer registers this on the Tangle and creates a unique “event key” in the form of a QR code. The participant reads this QR code with his smartphone in advance of the event and generates a unique key to access the Tangle. With this key the participant can download the certificate from the Tangle.

After the registration period has expired, the organizer closes the event. At the event, an employee of the organizer can verify the certificate without having to look at sensitive personal data.

Simplex announces support for IOTA

According to an official statement, the IOTA Foundation and the payment service providers for crypto-to-fiat payments, Simplex, have entered into a new partnership to facilitate a broad adoption of the IOTA token. As Simplex announced on Twitter, IOTA will be integrated, enabling crypto merchants and exchanges to offer IOTA purchases seamlessly with credit and debit cards.

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