Elon Musk Seventh Richest Billionaire Owns Only 0.25 Bitcoin (BTC) Not for the Rich

By July 12, 2020Bitcoin Business
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Reportedly, there are 13,059 Bitcoin millionaires, in other words addresses which contain more than $1 million worth in Bitcoin. The master token consumes 61 Terrawatt hour of electricity to keep survived.

Elon Musk, CEO of Space X, recently the seventh richest billionaire in the world, is a supporter of Bitcoin; however, in a twitter session with JK Rowling stated, “I still only own 0.25 Bitcoin btw.”

Whether Elon Musk benefitted with BTC is a different story, but scammers did. Elon Musk Bitcoin vanity addresses were used to scam users out of $2 million!

So, Elon Musk did not really need BTC to become a billionaire, he had other ground breaking feats and ambitions that helped him be whatever he is.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Sure! Elon Musk did not need Bitcoin (BTC) to become a billionaire. He is already a billionaire and he might not need it. Those who are aspiring might strategically find luck!”

The world needs more than billionaires. The world is filled with people who fight between bread and money. Ultimately, bread is the winner. However, the profits from BTC no matter how small makes a difference to those who do not have time, opportunities or sources to be in to business feats like all the billionaires do.

To the rich man, who can afford every cost, BTC might mean nothing. They already have a formula to win. However, BTC is for those who are caught in the clutches of politics and economic misshapes that an alternative payment system like the Bitcoin would matter.

Bitcoin (BTC) not Ruled by Rich

The rich are very clear about what they need to do with their value, and how they would like to preserve their value. The Average Joe is in to using either Elon Musk or others as their gauge to decide if they should go long or short Bitcoin.

Point to remember, BTC is decentralized and no body dominates the space. It is for everyone. Anyone who is clear headed and understands the structure and function of BTC with some basic means to own it can own it. They can go long or short at their discretion.

The rich do not rule Bitcoin, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet have no job to dominate or rule BTC. It is independent money for the free mine. Bitcoin is not everything in this world and it can never be every little thing of value, but it is value! It is for people to use it for their customized needs using a customized strategy.

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