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With the boom and euphoria of DeFi on everyone's lips in the crypto space. You need to have a dashboard where you can track all the important metrics in one place to make wise decisions.

Do you like the simplicity or a way to have everything under the same roof?

I am and you might yourself, the name you need to remember is, where you have everything under the same umbrella.

Awesome, fantastic, and sexy DeFi DAPP that work and provides an actual value for their users from my point of view.

The dashboard of

When you log for the first time in the DAPP of you see the dashboard where you can see the important numbers.

In the following picture you see the following terms:

  • Total assets: where you see the total value of your assets.
  • Total debt: representation of the complete value of synthetic assets debt.
  • Net worth: the current value of your crypto portfolio.

Under the account overview, you see the value by category and cool to know where you need to pay attention and focus.

  1. Wallet: The liquid crypto assets in your wallet.
  2. Deposits: I am not sure about this category.
  3. Investments: I am not sure about this category.
  4. Liquidity pools: Amount of money invested in pools.
  5. Yield farming: The amount you can claim from yield farming.
  6. Debt: Debt you have with synthetic assets.

Another interesting section is to see all the platforms where you have invested in your crypto portfolio. You can have a better sense of where you want to move, increase, decrease the amount of money in the projects you are interested in.


The last part of the dashboard is to see the assets with the amount of percentage on each category. It is a way to have the summary and have a better way mentally to know where you want to make some change.

Always remember investing is not a permanent state, but something that changes constantly!


Invest section of

It is one of the most interesting sections of this DAPP where you can see the current investments you have invested. This helps you to track the performance and make better decisions with the ultimate aim to have the best ROI possible.

It is cool to have a place where you can discover new opportunities to invest your money. –

The explore section is where is exciting to find great gems and have ideas where to invest your money.

You can track the following parameters to investigate an opportunity:

  1. Available pools: The pool where you can provide liquidity.
  2. Liquidity: Amount of money locked in the smart contract.
  3. Net ROI: The real profit in the last month.
  4. $ ROI: The percentage of the money you have made in the last 30 days.

This is the section where you need to spend a good amount of time researching, testing, and discover great gems. Just before writing this article I spend 30 minutes and find potential investments.


Explore section of

In this section, you can explore different metrics of all the projects you have invested in your crypto portfolio. You can monitor specific metrics on each project and check the evolution over time and make sure you always satisfied.

Specific metrics can bring value toward your investment wisdom. –


Transactions of

It is always cool to have a summary of all your transactions in one place. The best part you can track specific transactions and see the details of each on an Ethereum blockchain explorer.

An important thing these days is to see how much gas you have paid for a specific transaction.

You can track the following elements in this section:

  • Date: When the event has occurred.
  • Amount: The amount involved in the transaction.
  • From/To: Where the transaction is coming from and where sent.

It is convenient to have seamless transactions directly in the DAPP, especially when is easy to find what you looking for.



One thing important to keep in mind about is a DAPP that provides a way to track, monitor, your DeFi assets. Can you imagine the boring process to check a multitude of DAPPS individually?

You lose your valuable time and can increase your stress because you need to have a great tolerance for patience! At least with you log to the DAPP and check the dashboard, you have all the information condensed in one place.

I recommend investigating and check to enhance your journey for tracking your DeFi assets.

Do you plan to use it? I am curious to know!

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PS: I am not a financial adviser, and this is only my opinion. Always do your own research before embracing investment in the crypto space.

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