IOTA and STM make the Internet of Things more accesible for everyone

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  • The new function pack from STMicroelectronics offers a variety of tangle-based communication functions to make it easier for developers to work with IOTA microtransactions.
  • Together with the discovery kits offered by STMicroelectronics, this release represents an important intermediate step in working with generic middleware such as X-CUBE-IOTA1.

Earlier this year, STMicroelectronics and IOTA announced their intentions to further expand the existing partnership. One of the goals is the logical combination of royalty-free microtransactions via IOTA and the large amount of small data volumes that microcontrollers are expected to transmit in many areas of application.

New function package aims to make Tangle accessible for beginners

The middleware solution X-CUBE-IOTA1 has already been offering various possibilities for several months to turn microcontrollers into fully functional IOTA nodes. Due to its generic nature, this package is very flexible, but also requires a relatively high effort in setup and an exact idea of which applications it should be used for.

In contrast, the new function pack FP-SNS-IOTA1 has a number of predefined functions. For example, it allows easy setup of the transmission of data on motion, temperature, pressure and humidity at adjustable intervals on the tangle. The functions of the package include basic tasks of a microcontroller, as they would be needed in a Smart City or autonomous vehicle, for example.

STMicroelectronics is convinced that the new package represents a valuable intermediate stage for the more comprehensive application of its microcontrollers with X-CUBE-IOTA1. However, they also emphasize the advantages of X-CUBE-IOTA1. Especially when it comes to security features like readout protection or the use of memory protection options, X-CUBE-IOTA1 offers more possibilities than FP-SNS-IOTA1. Details are provided by STMicroelectronics in the documentation on how to use the security benefits offered by Distributed Ledger Technology.

Apart from the convenience the package is intended to offer experienced developers when testing and calibrating new applications, it is also a declared goal of STMicroelectronics to make it easier for less experienced developers to get started with the IOTA-based Internet of Things on the one hand and the in-house microcontrollers on the other. A step-by-step guide for setting up the Function Pack was published parallel to the announcement of the package.

IOTA patents on the rise

The number of companies mentioning or referencing IOTA in patents is increasing daily. According to the patent tracker, 188 patents have referenced IOTA or the Tangle and present it as a possible technical basis for further operations. These developments show that more and more companies recognize the potential of IOTA and use it for themselves.

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