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By October 19, 2020DApps
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There is no denying that Ethereum is the most popular coins right now when it comes to dapps and a lot of projects are being worked on that utilise metaemask. Well now, with the launch of on the ethereum blockcbain anyone can earn ethereum for blogging. It is a seamless dapp that works as well as sites like Medium and being the early stages, there is a lot of opportunity to earn Ethereum if you put the work in.

What Is

Leo Finance is a blog for finance where you earn coins for the content that you post. The more upvotes you get with users who have a lot of Leo coins the more your post will be worth. Leo Finance is a cross-chain website meaning it can run both on Hive and Ethereum and you have the choice of what chain you get your rewards on. When a post has reached 7 days it will payout the rewards to the content creator and to the users who curated it. You are able to earn also by curating so even if you are not a content creator you can make a good amount of ethereum by staking Leo coins and voting on content that you like.

How Can I Earn Ethereum?

Easy all you have to do is connect your metamask wallet, create a user name and start posting. Literally it takes minutes to get started and you can be making a blog before the time it takes to read this post. If you don't have metamask you can download it as an extension to your web browser (don't worry it also takes a couple of minutes to get). It is free and gives you a cool icon on the top right on the screen.

Here is a short video on Metamask:

If you already use ethereum dapps than you probably already have metamask and are good to go. You can create any name you want like you would on any social media platform and this will also be the name of your wallet. When you get paid it will be in Leo coins on the Hive network but you can swap them on-site for Ethereum if you want to. You can also keep them as Leo and stake them so then your vote will be worth more and you can earn by curating. It is up to you.

This is the best dapp right now on Ethereum and it has proven itself to be one of the best blogging dapps out their in cryptocurrency. This is your time to earn for your work and make some Ethereum before the price of the coin goes through the roof.

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