Podcast: Tech Growth Stocks ZM ROKU FSLY BTC and more

By October 21, 2020Bitcoin Business
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Podcast Tech Growth Stocks ZM ROKU FSLY BTC

I had a great time talking with Ryan Henderson and Brett Schafer on the Chit Chat Money podcast last week. They challenged me with questions on the bear case for Roku and Zoom Video. For instance, they asked if Roku will lose to the tech giants on over-the-top and if Zoom has reached peak usage.

We also talked about sensitive topics such as what it’s like being a woman in finance — you’ll hear whether I think it’s more challenging to be a woman in finance or tech and why. We also revisited Fastly, which I’ve been hesitant to invest in, and bitcoin, perhaps the most contested protocol of all time.

Most importantly, they ask what saying or philosophy I disagree with in investing and one piece of advice I have for tech investors. You can find my answer to both towards the end of the interview.

Access the interview here:

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Here’s a preview of the segments:

20:50 Q&A Interview begins
27:50 My process with finding tech stocks and entering stocks
38:40 Roku
45:20 Zoom Video
53:05 Fastly
55:55 Bitcoin
58:17 One financial saying I disagree with
59:36 One piece of advice I have in regards to tech investing

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