New WordPress plugin lets publishers timestamp content on Ethereum

By October 23, 2020Ethereum
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New WordPress plugin lets publishers timestamp content on Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain continue to infiltrate new businesses on a daily basis now. Also, the crypto community can expect to significantly increase the speed at which various websites will become connected to blockchain technology, thanks to the new WordPress plugin.

A new WP plugin can help prove ownership of online content

The new plugin for the WordPress web publishing platform will allow users to timestamp content on Ethereum’s blockchain. Thanks to its high security and immutability, using the ETH network in such a way can help with copyright issues and prove who is the true creator of a certain piece of content.

The immutability will ensure that no one can alter the content in question.

This is also a huge step in the right direction for the crypto community, as WordPress currently powers more than a third (37%) of all websites out there. Not only that, but it has a 60% share of the CMS market.

The announcement came only yesterday, October 22nd, during the London BlockDown 2020 3D virtual conference, when WordProof revealed the new plugin.

The relationship between crypto and WordPress

WordProof’s Head of Product, Jelle van der Schoot, said that the firm aims to provide a timestamp tool that will be easy to use. Furthermore, the plugin will be useful on all content management system, and even the e-commerce platforms, eventually.

For WordProof, this is only one of the major achievements that the project is planning.

Of course, this is not the first time that crypto was somehow integrated into WordPress via a plugin. Many remember that a DEX plugin for CMS emerged earlier this year, in April. This plugin was created by a startup incubator, Draper Goren Holm.

Obviously, a DEX plugin allows the sites that integrate it to offer access to a built-in decentralized exchange, for easy exchange between tokens and stablecoins. Furthermore, the WordPress site, itself, also has three pages of different crypto-related plugins.

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