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By October 23, 2020DApps
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  • TRON is one of the fast-growing blockchain networks in the world. It was launched to promote a decentralized version of the Internet to break free from the control by the big technology companies.
  • It has an exclusive cryptocurrency named TRX (Tronix). The TRON ecosystem is a popular hub for decentralized applications related to the gaming and gambling industry.
  • The token standards and smart contracts of Ethereum are also compatible with TRON.
  • TRON has a higher transaction speed and lower transaction fees than the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The TRON architecture uses three different types of layers namely the storage layer that consists of block storage, state storage, and GRPC, the core layer which comprises the smart contract, wallet API, and SDK, the application layer where the developers can build Dapps and customized wallets on the TRON network easily.

It is important to understand the business requirements, the nature of Dapp needed, and select the right blockchain network before deciding how to build TRON decentralized applications. There are different tools such as TRON Studio, TRON Scan, TRON Station, Shasta Testnet, TRON Wallet, and TRON Watch Market for building a DApp on TRON. TRON Dapps are used in different industries such as education, healthcare, logistics, and fintech. Some of the popular TRON Dapps are TRONBet, HyperSnakes, TronPoker, RocketGame, and Good Luck Casino.

How to build DAPP on Tron network – a step by step process to follow

  • The smart contracts should be established using the Solidity programming language.
  • The TRONlink must be set up for deployment of the smart contract. The TRONlink Chrome extension needs to be installed. A certain amount of TRX cryptos (around 10000 TRX) will be required. You can obtain it from the Shasta Faucet, which is nothing but a private test network. You can use tools like TronBox which is a development framework for deploying the smart contract on the TRON blockchain network.
  • Change the network mode in Tronlink to the Shasta Testnet. You will be able to view the contract address where the smart contract has been successfully deployed on the TRON test network.
  • Get a node application from GitHub for interacting with your smart contract. Enter your account address and private keys to test the applications and functions of the smart contract.
  • Once the blockchain network has confirmed the function, all the transactions executed can be checked on the smart contract through the Tron Blockchain explorer. Then, the Tron Dapp will be soon deployed onto the Tron Testnet.

The critical features in Tron Dapps Development

  • Distribution of digital assets will occur seamlessly due to data liberation that ensures the uncontrolled flow of data on the platform.
  • The holder of a TRX coin can use it to exercise his rights and privileges for voting in the TRON elections where super representatives will be chosen for managing the TRON community.
  • TRON is quickly scalable with its robust smart contract and can be used in a variety of ways in different industries such as gaming, fund management, and content creation.
  • It has adequate storage facilities in the form of KhaosDB and LevelDB which function as two storage layers in the platform.
  • It offers multi-language support as it is compatible with programming languages such as Python, C++, and Java.
  • It is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and smart contracts on EVM can be executed on the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM).
  • It uses a proof of stake mechanism to ensure that all the transactions executed conform to the main blockchain network, making it highly complicated to forge counterfeit chains.

The correct procedure to Make Your Own Tron Dapps

  • Understand your business requirements and technical components thoroughly and develop a detailed product roadmap.
  • Design the technical architecture by creating extensive data flow diagrams along with specific delivery milestones.
  • Fix the deadline for the Alpha release and the Beta release.
  • Post the completion of production, deploy it on the main network.
  • Once it has been rolled out officially, upgrade it from time to time along with backlog prioritization.

The technologies to use to Build a DApp on the TRON network

  • TRON Box – It compiles all the available smart contracts on the platform and configures the entire project to announce your complete node.
  • TRON Grid – It renders an API (Application Programming Interface) to the TRON network. It gives access to developers for utilizing important tools to develop open TRON protocol applications.
  • TRON Web – It is a Javascript supported API that contains an object in your Dapp developed with the implementation of Ethereum Web 3.0.
  • TRON Station – It is a web-based framework and a Javascript API library with a simple user interface for calculating the energy consumed and bandwidth used on the TRON network.

Hire a well-versed company who knows how To build a TRON DApp. Ensure that they have strong technical expertise and follow an agile TRON Dapps development process to ensure timely delivery of the solutions with high quality.

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