Conflux DApp Mega Challenge (Prizes 25,000 CFX)

By October 27, 2020DApps
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Conflux DApp Mega Challenge (Prizes 25,000 CFX)

Prize Bounty

Total Prize Bounty for DApp Mega Challenge track 25,000 CFX

  • 1st Place - 12,500 CFX
  • 2nd Place - 7,500 CFX
  • 3rd Place - 5,000 CFX

Challenge Description

Build a project on Conflux for any of the following use cases:

Financial Primitives Build advanced trading decentralized options and futures platform for cross-chain Conflux Assets
NFT Products Design and create games, collectibles, other real-world assets using Conflux Non-Fungible Token standard
Payment Channels Payments on Conflux with stablecoins for micropayments and settlement scenarios like gaming, tipping, gifting
DAO Create a DAO framework on Conflux which can be forked into governance for DeFi or a Venture DAO
Stablecoins Create new stablecoins using crypto-backed or algorithmic-backed mechanisms for new currencies or assets.
Insurance Create decentralized insurance markets for price volatility with Conflux assets or smart contract vulnerabilities.
Infrastructure Gas station, dashboards for tokens or analytics, Decentralized ID


Submission Requirements

  1. The application, infrastructure tool, smart contracts and/or storing state must be primarily built on or must utilize Conflux Network.
  2. Open source code must be submitted, preferably hosted on Github (tag with #conflux)
  3. Maximum 10 minutes video recording of the product demo + pitch demonstrating the functionality and a business case.

Other Requirements

  • Project should be started on or after the hackathon start date to keep it fair
  • Project should be deployed either on the testnet or mainnet, with a deployed site/server/etc
  • Project should be an original work of an individual participant or a group project
  • Each project is eligible for more than one bounty/prize based on the extent of implementation

Submission Deadline

  • Last day of the hackathon - Sunday, 22nd November 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5)

Judging Criteria

A panel of judges will rate your project on a scale from 1-5 on the criteria below

Technical Implementation
  • How challenging was the project to implement?
  • Does the project push the boundaries of what is possible within the timeframe of the hackathon?
  • Completion State
  • Project state (like MVP, functional)
  • Proper documentation and testing
  • Plan forward beyond the hackathon
  • Requirements Alignment
  • Alignment with the bounty/track goals
  • Practicality for the Conflux Ecosystem
  • Creativity and Design
  • Uniqueness + creativity in the application or product
  • Winner Announcement Date

    • Winners Announced - Wednesday, 25th November
    • Demo-day for the winners at Conflux Summit - Tuesday, 1st December

    Prize Bounty

    Total Prize Bounty for DApp Mega Challenge track 25,000 CFX 1st Place – 12,500 CFX 2nd Place – 7,500 CFX […]

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