Bitcoin for Small Businesses

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Bitcoin for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, you can use Bitcoin by promoting and accepting it as a means of payment. This is most suitable for business owners dealing with goods and services regular currency who wish to add Bitcoin to their way of payment for their customer. Besides, it is also essential noting that it is best if you are willing to pay tax on your Bitcoin income.

This digital currency has become one of the ways to carry out anonymous transactions as well as competing with the traditional currency. This has seen many small business owners uncertain about the best way to accept it, and whether it’s legit as well as concerns over tax payment and such. Not to worry, here are several ideas on how to use it.

The Bitcoin merchant solution is very convenient to use, especially if you are selling goods or services on your website. Then you can convert your bitcoins to the government currency through several available services.

Using tablet or Smartphone

This can work best if you use a QR code that your customers can with their device to make a payment.


In this case, when a customer makes a purchase, you can credit their account, like a discount. However, it is worth considering whether this will disguise the transaction in any negative way. You can also give a discount for Bitcoins, and then sell them for American currency, which will probably turn out that your income overall will reflect a benefit, but you may need to consult your accountant on this one.

Gift cards business

If you deal with the sale of gift cards or certificates, you can accept Bitcoin for the purchase of the card, and then have the card only used for a real purchase of goods or services. This is yet another place where the accounting comes in very handy, which you can also use to track sales.

Mail invoice

If you usually send invoices to customers, you can boost Bitcoin’s economy as well. You can add it among the other payment options. This may necessitate your customers to call or email to pay, but it will be a great addition to your business. If you can generate Bitcoin addresses, it will be wise to generate a different one for every invoice and have it printed on it. This way, you can sort the invoices as they arrive.

Dealing with fraud

The risk of fraudsters can prove a challenge, especially if you do not know how to confront it. Fraudsters can take advantage of your customers, luring them to their Bitcoin address and taking your money. It is an urgent matter of whether or when a fraudster finds out about your customers, this can be detrimental. To prevent this menace, you can ensure people do not type your Bitcoin address off your payment stubs. You can also manage it by making sure they get your full address from your website, and use a secure SSL.

Bitcoin is becoming more popular than ever before, and its price is on the rise, making it a challenge for many to buy. If you are interested in a share of this digital gold, several options can help you get there. First, a Bitwage can come to your rescue. Bitwage is a bitcoin’s payroll that converts your payment into this digital currency, bitwage will also send you this a day after deposit.

Just like the popular freelancing platform, bitcoin freelance comes with its share of advantages. These benefits include receiving payments faster, the ability to save on your traditional banking fees and, in most countries, save on taxes too. Some of the best places to check out for these are jobs4bitcoin, subredit, and bitcointalk, although you will have to find an escrow or entrust your employer.

How many items do you have around that you never use? Well, those can make you money with bitcoin. Since you no longer need them, the best way is to exchange them for something of value, and this is one of the best ways to do it. You will most likely find someone out there who needs what you have, and exchanging them for bitcoins is the best way to cut back on chargebacks and intermediaries fees.

Most small tasks available don’t necessarily require experience or particular skills to accomplish. These can be completing surveys, pay to click ads or social promotions as well as solving captchas. Here, you can count on cryptocurrency excel for the micro transactions that come with such micro jobs. Some of these jobs include Faucet, which is available in many options. However, most faucets involve solving captchas for ads, although the payout can be very little, they can be done by virtually anyone. You can also try the’s birds, which involves retweeting paid tweets for money. As payment, they send you Bitcoins to your address.

If writing or art is your kind of thing, then you can make it more than just a hobby. With many writers trying to succeed with censorship from sources that sometimes do not live up to their promise, you can take a different course and earn Bitcoins. One of the best opportunities is the Steemit, a block-chain platform where you can get their cryptocurrency, Steam.

The reward you get is determined by the popularity of your articles, with the payment process being automated to be paid out based on someone’s up votes from others. Besides, if you curate content on the platform, you can earn as well, and then convert the altcoins you get to Bitcoin with the help of or any other online exchange platform. The best thing to do is determine which of the options available is ideal for you and go for it. Earn Bitcoins while doing what you love most.

There is much information on the IRS tax guide on virtual currencies; very few have done an analysis on Plethora of the record keeping and enforcement on the challenges that arise from the decision to treat Bitcoins as a property rather than a currency. Various bitcoins stakeholders such as traders, consumers, merchants, and miners must grapple with the new tax filing requirements. There is still need for the various changes and clarifications on the filing procedures.

The ruling placed on bitcoins is regarded as a property and not a currency. This is favorable given the bitcoin ruling to investors in its current stellar performance. The accrued long-term gains and losses shall be taxed according to the taxpayer’s applicable capital gains interest rather than ordinary income rates. This constitutes larger marginal difference among early investors and bitcoin miners. Still, active traders that have short term gains still will pay taxes at ordinary income rates.

Investors that have long trading losses are not favored with the ruling. It is hard to write off bitcoin bets now that they are considered more of a property than a currency. The IRS has set a limit for both married and single filers for losses at $3000, an amount that has remained static since 1978. Trading losses may need to be carried forward for even years before laying claim. Also, this affects the small traders. It would be better if they could have written off foreign currency against ordinary income taxation. This is the basic application of the IRS guideline.

The following are some of the tips for traders in compliance with the Internal Service revenue service and avoiding gray areas;

1. Mining

The various bitcoins miners need to keep daily transaction of the manner in which the transactions occurred. Record each block reward that you received as part of solving algorithms. While giving out the bitcoins subtract the income and output to get the long-term financial gains.

2. Minting

This is a different way in which digital currencies are created. At the date of minting the value stands at zero, at ordinary income values. Mark the date of minting as it will be useful for filing returns.

3. Earnings

Most people trade using Bitcoin. The fair market value records this as an income. Record the details of the earnings. It will help win filing short term or long term trading returns. If you have earned bitcoins as a result of trading services or purchase of goods keep the details of the transactions.

4. Trading

When you are engaged in bitcoins trading, there are no immediate tax returns. Record all the transactions for the long term and short term financial returns. The taxable event comes during disposition regardless of whether you earn or sell it.

5. Spending

Some companies record bitcoins transactions as a form of payment. This is treated like selling bitcoins and should be recorded.

In conclusion, everyone should learn the operations of an excel finance sheet to gain the necessary insight on the IRS guidelines.


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