Built On Graph Protocol – Everest Crypto/Web3 Registry Takes Shape

By November 2, 2020DApps
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Launched this year and built on Graph Protocol, Everest decentralized registry for Crypto/Web 3 is finally taking shape! Over 1000 projects have been listed so far on this nascent project, aiming to organize/curate a list of projects and authentic information about them, in this space.

What’s Everest Decentralized Registry?

The Everest can be though off as a register, noting down important details and specially identify information. However, unlike traditional registers, Everest isn’t controlled by a single person or group, but rather many who are known as curators and responsible for managing it.

“The Graph has enabled us at CoinGecko to easily track the DeFi markets on Ethereum and we are always on the lookout for new market data that is useful for our users. Because of that, we are really excited to be participating as curator on The Graph network to help push the frontiers of data aggregation in a decentralized setting. “

T.M Lee – Founder CoinGecko

Although chain agnostic, it relies on a decentralized database on the immutable Ethereum blockchain (utilizing ERC-1056 standard) to record and manage all data. It aims to develop a credible list of all cryptocurrencies, DApps, DAOs, sources, funds, protocols etc. – in short virtually everything related to crypto, blockchain and Web3!

What Can Everest Assist With?

Everest can assist funds and investors looking for investments, for discovery of new projects by enthusiasts/academics and users, provision of clear and accurate information about projects and social experiments to rest incentive response behavior analysis.

Who Can Add Projects? How?

Any developer team or users can add a project to the registry, by providing an accurate description, links, category and images. For instance, a registry entry can be claimed by project representatives, investors and contributors. Also, users can challenge projects, votes on challenges and delegate votes, by staking certain amount of tokens and proving “skin in the game”.

What’s The Everest Curator Program?

Since the project relies on community contribution, Everest recently launched the Curator program, for users and teams having high level of information about crypto projects to participate and benefit the registry. It intends to familiarize people with the basic tenets of the network, to prepare them for becoming a useful contributor!

The curators are required to add, claim, challenge and vote on projects. They are also needed to provide more categories and subcategories for project listing plus encourage others to list on the database. Further, curators can provide feedback on existing parameters and suggest ways to improve the platform.

CryptoTicker Added To The Everest Registry!

We thought that the Everest registry was an important blockchain/ Web3 project and we could assist the network with our crypto specific knowledge! That’s why we have joined Everest as one of the 100 curators. Official details can be found here.

What’s the Graph Protocol?

An indexing protocol, the Graph Protocol is the equivalent of queryable SQL database on the blockchain. It can organize data received from permissionless open networks such as Ethereum and Interplanetary File System (IPFS). To connect and interact with the database, developers can build and publish open APIs known as subgraphs.

Currently, subgraphs are available from Uniswap v2, Moloch, Synthetix, Aave, Balancer, Gnosis, Aragon and more. The protocol makes it simpler to call for information with the guarantee that the data hasn’t been falsified or tampered with. It can access data across blockchains and different networks.

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