Canadian Children Won a Bitcoin Giveaway This Halloween

By November 2, 2020Bitcoin Business
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Cryptocurrency user Brad Mills took Halloween to a new level this year, putting Bitcoin cards in a candy box for a few lucky children.

I put some $100 @RiseWallet #Bitcoin cards in my box of Halloween candy & captured the moment when some random trick-or-treaters found them.


It gives me hope that these Zoomer kids actually know what Bitcoin is.

— Brad Mills � (@bradmillscan) November 1, 2020

Adding in $100 Bitcoin wallet cards for children to collect when trick or treating, Mills shows some of the children’s reactions to the cards. While some “Zoomers” (referring to the younger generation growing up with video platform Zoom as a means to communicate as a result of the global pandemic) didn’t know what Bitcoin was, a few of them were enthused to come across the wallet card.

With each card worth approximately $100 USD – or 0.007 Bitcoin – the value stands in the investment, and Bitcoin price rises, so will the value of their treat.

Bitcoin analyst and market statistician Willy Woo noted that this will become significant at a time when Bitcoin supply hits its cap and the cryptocurrency holds demand. The lesson about the scarcity of Bitcoin in advance might prove a useful one to learn sooner rather than later.

This feels historic, 0.007 BTC in those treats.

When these kids come into power there’ll only be 0.002 BTC per person to go around. LOL, probably even less as software apps will need their stash to route value in everyday operations.

— Willy Woo (@woonomic) November 1, 2020

Bitcoin for children

While Bitcoin and the blockchain-based digital currencies aren’t regulated against minors in some countries, most exchanges and trading platforms require verification that users are over 18. This is likely because trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with the volatility of the market can be likened to gambling, which is only possible when a person is of legal age.

The children with cryptocurrency can still store their tokens, keeping their cards physically safe, or make use of Bitcoin ATMs or exchanges without age regulations.

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