OMG to explore standardization of IOTA based Freighter protocol

By November 3, 2020Altcoins
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  • The Skaly team around the IOTA based protocol Freighter was invited by the Object Management Group (OMG).
  • The OMG wants to explore the possibilities for standardization of the Freighter protocol.

Freighter, a second layer protocol for IOTA developed by Dutch eHealth company Skaly, announced last Friday that it had been invited by the Object Management Group (OMG) to explore standardization opportunities for Freighter. Skaly made the following statement via Twitter:

Never in our wildest dreams expected an invitation from the OMG DDS exploring standard possibilities for our second layer protocol Freighter. So much going on behind the scenes…. #iota #skaly #tanglehub #freighter #dds-foundation #omggroup #standard

The Data Distribution Service (DDS) is a standard specified by the Object Management Group and the first open international middleware standard directly addressing publisher-subscriber communication for real-time and embedded systems.

With the help of quality-of-service parameters, a subscriber can define his requirements for the quality of data transmission in a declarative manner. The system can also create filters, for example to receive only data in a certain value range of the topic. Depending on the implementation, the components (publisher and subscriber) can be found themselves or via a central server.

Freighter and IOTA in the focus of the OMG

As CNF reported, Freighter reached its second major milestone in July with the release of a proof of concept. Freighter enables larger data volumes to be sent over secure channels better than IOTA Streams. By using parallel data streams that can come from multiple IOTA nodes, Freighter aims to handle the potentially very large volumes of data in the healthcare sector.

The protocol is also part of a larger project of the Dutch research institute TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), which aims to establish a decentralized platform for health data. However, exact information about the TNO project is still secret.

As is well known, the IOTA Foundation itself is also in contact with the Object Management Group (OMG). In May of this year, the OMG founded the Digital Twin Consortium in cooperation with Microsoft, Dell Technologies and, among others, the IOTA Foundation, in order to promote cooperation between tech companies in the field of digital twins across industries.

The extent to which the IOTA Foundation’s contact with the OMG was helpful in inviting Skaly is only speculation, but it is quite obvious. At best, the IOTA community can look forward to further announcements in view of the information from the Skaly team about the developments “behind the scenes”.

The OMG wants to explore the possibilities […]

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