Aave and Axie Infinity’s Collaboration in Promoting each other

By November 7, 2020DApps
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  • As per a recent report, the winners from the summer’s DeFi and NFT expansion, Aave and Axie Infinity, will be promoting each other by joining forces
  • The users will be rewarded with tokens.

Briefly stating, AAVE tokens will be distributed by Aave to the winners of an Axie infinity game, which is based on blockchain. AAVE token holders will be offered a unique Aave-themed NFT as a reward by Axie infinity. The AXS governance token of Axie was launched recently, on November 4.

The collaboration of Aave and Axie infinity

These two leading protocols within the DeFi and NFT worlds have joined forces to promote the blockchain-powered intersection of finance and gaming. The Pokémon digital pet universe has inspired the blockchain game.

Aave will sponsor season 13 of the Alpha Community Alpha, and AAVE protocol tokens worth more than $4,000 will be the prize given for the in-game battle winners. Although, Community Alpha seasons are still under development as they keep coinciding with the game updates.

A unique limited edition Axie infinity universe character can be claimed by the existing AAVE token holders.

This shows how crypto projects are evolving to gain the attention of new users. By involving cryptocurrency with gaming, the level of profits has become higher.

Axie Infinity Protocol

The Non-fungible tokens of Axie Infinity allow its users to battle and trade with unique Axie characters. To create individual digital assets that cannot be replicated, blockchain technology is used by NFTs. This received a fair amount of attention from the users.

Furthermore, Axie Infinity is considered the most popular game in the Ethereum blockchain for now. It is said to have attracted almost 10,000 users over the last month. It had only 100 daily active users in June, but now there are more than 1,200 daily users, as mentioned by blockchain activity tracker DappRadar.

Since the AXS protocol token of Axie has been listed on Binance, the token holders will be allowed to vote on proposals for this project’s future, which includes the distributions from a community treasury.

Aave Protocol

It is a DeFi protocol that allows its users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

Aave is considered a popular DeFi protocol after it releases novel financial products such as Flash loans and credit delegation and favorable rates provided on lending and borrowing services.

The users will […]

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