The One Thing That Prevents You From Buying Bitcoin Right Now

By November 7, 2020Bitcoin Business
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The U.S. presidential election has still not delivered its final verdict more than 72 hours after the last polls closed. Uncertainty remains as to the name of the next President of the United States for the next four years.

If Joe Biden now seems to stand out, everything remains possible, because Donald Trump will try every possible and imaginable means to delay the deadline.

Donald Trump refuses to admit that he has lost. Under these conditions, the coming days promise to be even more uncertain than the last 72 hours we have just lived. In the investment world, uncertainty is not something that is appreciated.

Bitcoin is the best hedge against uncertainty

Bitcoin seems to feed off this uncertainty. In the last 48 hours, the Bitcoin price has broken through several significant resistances to hit $15.9K. Bitcoin has come close to breaking the $16K barrier.

Bitcoin has not been priced at this level since the late 2017 Bull Run, which ended badly in early 2018.

Between November 4, 2020, and November 6, 2020, the Bitcoin price went from $13.5K to $15.5K at the time of writing. This represents a +15% increase for its price. Since the beginning of the year, the Bitcoin price has performed +115%.

Not bad for an asset that some still called fraud at the beginning of the year 2020. Many of these opponents of Bitcoin even ended up suddenly turning their jackets in mid-2020. Faced with the great monetary inflation we are experiencing, institutional investors and large companies realized that Bitcoin was the best hedge available.

Bitcoin has the peculiarity of being a hedge against uncertainty.

Bitcoin offers you incredible guarantees

In a world that is more uncertain than ever, Bitcoin offers you essential guarantees. The maximum supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million units, and its programmatic monetary policy does not depend on the arbitrary decisions of a few unrepresentative humans.

It is therefore totally logical that Bitcoin performs so well during this moment of uncertainty when the winner of the U.S. presidential election is still to be determined.

While many wonder whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump would be a better choice for the Bitcoin award over the next four years, you must understand that in the long run, it will make no difference to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a true monetary revolution that will change the world of the future when it comes to money. Bitcoin’s long term goals do not depend on a victory for Joe Biden or a victory for Donald Trump.

Bitcoin has now entered the positive feedback loop

More and more people will become interested in Bitcoin. This is the logical next step as we are almost 6 months after Bitcoin’s third Halving.

However, I still hear some people hesitating to buy Bitcoin at the moment. They feel they are coming after the battle since the Bitcoin price is above $15K.

These people think like this:

"If I had bought Bitcoin when it was $1,000, I would have more now.

If I had bought Bitcoin when it was $3.8K in March 2020…”

You know what I’m talking about. It’s about people who never stop living with the past and are unable to focus on the present to build a better future.

Focus on the current Bitcoin price and make a decision

At the beginning of October 2020, the Bitcoin price was still just over $10K. At that time, these people were not even interested in Bitcoin, or they were still waiting for its price to drop to buy more.

Of course, if you had bought Bitcoin when it was $1,000, you could have bought more BTC. But when it was $1,000, you were waiting for it to drop even lower. As the Bitcoin price went up, you thought about it that way.

This prevents you from taking advantage of Bitcoin as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

To be fortunate enough to be at the beginning of a monetary revolution like Bitcoin is something unique. We are just at this point in the history of Bitcoin. Whether you buy Bitcoin when its price is $10K or $15K won’t make much difference in the end.

You’ll have a little less BTC, but you’ll have enough to be part of this revolution that will take everything in its path.

By dint of waiting, you will also regret not having bought some when it was $15K. Rather than constantly thinking about what you’ve missed in the past, seize the opportunities that are available to you today.

Adopt the best strategy to seize the Bitcoin opportunity

The important thing is to seize the Bitcoin opportunity today to benefit from it in the future. Stop thinking, “What if…”, it’s useless. The Bitcoin price is what it is right now. If you are convinced by the Bitcoin revolution, now is the perfect time to take action.

The best thing to do is to adopt the strategy that works the best in more than 99% of cases:

  1. Buy Bitcoin in DCA mode.
  2. Send your BTC to your hardware wallet.
  3. HODL Bitcoin no matter what.
  4. Iterate from step 1.

This simplistic approach is the best in the Bitcoin world for 99% of people.

By becoming a Bitcoin HODLer, you won’t have to constantly worry about the Bitcoin price. You will be part of this revolution while having the opportunity to stay Zen and enjoy your time to learn more about Bitcoin.

To get there, you only have to do one thing: stop having regrets, focus on the present, and take action. It’s up to you now.

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