Ethereum dApp examples for Vue developers (with Truffle and Drizzle)

By November 10, 2020DApps
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Dear Innovators, Disrupters and Pioneers,

“If a factory is torn down but the rationality which produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another factory.”

We are Project Eden and we are looking for motivated people to join our team for the Odyssey Momentum (Virtual Hackathon on blockchain and AI taking place this November 13th-15th)
(see image and link for more info). We are not looking to create a proprietary solutions or a start up company, but rather to explore new paradigms for how value can be created, with the ultimate goal to implement a pilot project later on down the road.

Are you motivated by Universal Basic Income? Are you interested in building a solution for the commons? Do you want to re-evaluate how we look at value and the world around us? Does the idea of doing things differently than they have ever been done before excite you? Then this is the team for you!

We are interested in building ownerless/permission-less ecosystems that can generate value and return this value as a form of (supplement to) Universal Basic Income; we are hoping to force a paradigm shift and re-evaluate; what is value? How do we create value? How can we move value through an ecosystem? We seek to change the question of who can pay for universal basic income to what can pay for universal basic income.

Our core values as a team are about enabling people to gain the freedom to make their own choice. We seek to create solutions that work for the people and places that make use of these solutions. We favour flexibility and adaptability: both in our approach and in our implementation.

In order to strengthen our team we are looking for people who are experienced in smart contract development, and people who have experience working with digital simulation systems. You will need to have 100% availability during the 13th-15th in order to join our team.

If this post caught your attention, and you want to join our team for the hackathon, or you want to know more about what we are trying to build, or want to help in another capacity, contact me at here on Reddit!

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