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By November 11, 2020DApps
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  • Senior Blockchain Engineer, WAVES dApp, RIDE The new Team is looking for a Senior WAVES dApp Engineer with good Knowledge of RIDE. The Goal of this Project is to get expertise on architecture & implementation details for our current Engineering Team. Q&A with the Dev Team plus architecture proposal reviews.
  • Looking for a blockchain developer to Re-work on an OpenSource Code for a Dapp liquidity Pool Looking for a Basic Staking app using the chainlink Oracle networl I have worked on some of the coding need someone to finsih up the backend of the app and front end of the app.
  • Expert Blockchain Developer Hello, I have an exciting blockchain project starting in the new year and I am looking for a senior blockchain developer based in the UK to lead the project. In brief, the project involves tokenizing coupons, building out a coupon management platform, and then an enterprise level API. Please reach out to me if you believe you have the background to deliver a project of this nature. Thanks
  • Need a blockchain expert to do a survey My group and I are doing our Bachelor graduating project about The Barriers That Are Hindering the Adoption of Blockchain technology and we want to create SSIM model for the ISM methodology. So, we would be grateful if we could contact a blockchain expert to answer the questionnaire and do the survey Thank you.
  • BlockChain - Hyperledger solution expert Blockchain platform architect, Blockchain solution architect, Blockchain lead architect etc. Demonstrate good understanding of Blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, consensus algorithms Good understanding of different types of Blockchain such as public, private/permissioned, public permissioned etc. Good understanding of Blockchain framework such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ethereum (Solidity) Good understanding of various different consensus algorithms used in Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Byzantine fault tolerant algorithms including Hyperledger Fabric PBFT algorithm etc. Good understanding of using cryptography material such as certificates for identity management in order to authenticate members, transactions etc. Ability to architect and design integration architecture for integrating applications with Blockchain and, also, participant organizations and their memeber nodes to Blockchain network. Experience with database architecture and design to create storage solution for managing distributed ledger and related data/state in files/database system. Create security architecture for managing security of Blockchain and related applications Create best practices/guidelines for blockchain teams Create performance metrics for measuring Blockchain performance Create risk /failure analysis and prepare risk mitigation plan Provide training/mentoring to technical staff in relation to Blockchain tools and frameworks, Blockchain concepts etc. Proficient with one or more programming languages such as Go, Java, NodeJS Remain updated with emerging trends in Blockchain

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