Bitcoin Nears $18,000 as Trump Opens Iran War Options

By November 17, 2020Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin reached $17,800 before currently trading at $17,500 with the currency up another $1,000 today.

That’s for many reasons, but a new one may well be what lameduck Trump might do in his last two months especially where Israel is concerned.

Their media is currently full of speculation regarding Trump gifts, with the Jerusalem Post stating “It’s likely that the US and Israel have something up their sleeves that can’t be mentioned.”

“Israel is encouraging the Trump administration to take direct action to reduce the Iranian threat,” they say, with the New York Times reporting Trump considered just that on Thursday.

Apparently officials talked him out of it, but Israel now wants B-52 bombers to do the job themselves.

“Any action against the Iranian nation would certainly face a crushing response,” Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said.

Previously Iran said they would level Tel Aviv and Dubai if any action was taken against it, and they “accidentally” shot a plane full of Canadian-Iranians to kind of prove it.

Putin at the time went to Damascus as well, indicating any such war would likely get very messy.

That’s especially the case as China might use it as a proxy playground too, something very unfavorable to Europe as all this is pretty close to the continent, meaning more potential refugee waves.

Europe for its part is strongly against any war and wants America to get back to the deal they signed, something president-elect Joe Biden supports.

Some suggest however Trump is doing all he can to make that as difficult as possible, while others argue he is just giving Biden a stronger negotiating position.

To cynics, all this may well sound like Trump trying to distract from his defeat in the election and maybe even attempt to hold power by cocking up some war at the gates of the devil himself.

He has not yet conceded, despite being beaten by some 6 million votes, and some 36 electoral votes.

He has even said he won, showing to independents a very bizarre side of the lameduck president, and a worrying one if combined with a big war.

Needless to say, Trump has no mandate for any such war. To the contrary, he was elected in 2016 precisely because he promised to end any wars.

A promise he has arguably not quite kept in coming very close to war with Iran in January and in arguably provoking a pandemic due to his very confrontational way of carrying out negotiations with a superpower.

Meaning America’s checks and balances are potentially being tested as arguably Trump has no legitimacy to undertake any significant action now as a transitional president there primarily and even solely to facilitate the smooth transition of power, rather than knock on the doors of hell.

However, analysts are more likely to be concerned about Israel than Trump as with the latter giving them all they want, they may well strike.

That would be very unwise because it would certainly anger Europe which is sick of havoc in their neighborhood, and they should consider most jews voted for Biden precisely because they do not like Netanyahu’s war mongering policies, or even him being in charge in Israel after being defeated and court reprimanded.

Russia moreover would probably not allow American access to the Caspian Sea, with it difficult to say whether Tehran or Tel Aviv would be occupied if it came to war, especially with a lame duck president and an Israeli Prime Minister hated by his people.

Any such act would further enrage the American populace, which already faces the most discontent generation in a century precisely due to these cavalier squandering of their resources and even livelihoods.

So this Iran thing is probably just an excuse for bitcoin. It had plenty of reasons to rise, including Fed ushering in mass debasement, but there is now a bit more uncertainty and if it does come to war, plenty would say this would be the first bitcoin war.

Making any such action extra dangerous especially when the people, including more jews than live in Israel, have given Biden a mandate for negotiations.

That’s for many reasons, but a new one may well be what lameduck Trump might […]

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