Is Bitcoin Really Land?

By November 17, 2020Bitcoin Business
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So it’s happening huh? Bitcoin is now at $17,000 and no one bats an eye. Do they even know? Gulag says nobudeh cares.

It’s just bitcoin doing bitcoin things – the world probably. Meh $17k, wake me up at 300k – also the world.

They’re not wrong. It don’t feel like nuthing. Just one feels compelled to open a beer and drink to edge of 17.

Because bitcoin has been here before. There’s no wow. There’s more, can this do a house?

Well, let’s do the maths. Where shall we start… $6,000? $12,000, $24,000, $48,000, $90,000…

Guess the answer is depends what kind of house. At $180,000, you can probably get a nice palace in Albania or a cubicle in Landan. So go benia? Or more correctly: Occupy, occupy the new land.

Just like some of our ancestors went to occupy the plentiful lush fields of America, so too some of the best of this generation have and are occupying the lush new digital fields of cryptocurrencies.

Because bitcoin is even more scarce than land, and like land itself, you can’t just create new one. You can find some, and if you were one of the first to find America or bitcoin, you would have found a lot.

Now, there ain’t that much in USA, but there’s still plenty of sats in bitcoin to occupy, with that space gone once taken.

In addition unlike land, bitcoin is the same nice castle everywhere. It’s just you might not get much of that castle if you’re a slacker watching others occupy what can be your land.

All this may come across as coky for a usually reserved paper. But something has changed.

As we have grown, we have seen how rigged the system is, how laws protect monopolies and crush startups, how the velocity of money is plunging, how meritocracy is on its death bed, how we see the same regimented streets, uniform houses, same brutalist architecture, the reee focused propaganda TV beating us down, the repeat beat beat of negative music, the lack of focus on inspiring, discovering, pioneering.

This is because of you. Not out of fault, you were just told to buy stocks and that’s what you did, giving your money to Bezos to the point his wife got more than many countries are worth just for sleeping with him.

Some $100 trillion has gone into stocks, to the same people, who spend it to eat new challengers, and so chain entrepreneurs that once bought have to follow orders.

Thus we get a new iPhone 21377, the best yet. The focus so shifts to maintaining position. At that gigantic size, you don’t win, your competitors lose.

So you crush your competition. You lobby, corrupt the politicians, demand from new entrants licenses, get capos to crush them, while at the same time chaining talent to some over specialized position where their creativity and disruptive potential is erased.

You funded all this. Not knowingly, but anyone that has a pension has funded their own enslavement to the point the roads of Milan are now full of holes and the skyscrapers of the United State are very gray.

So we don’t care if bitcoin is worth a house as much as who you choose to fund. The billionaires or your own sons.

Because we’re on the verge of communism. That’s what happens when too much wealth is accumulated in too few hands to the point money starts working against us simply because too few people make too many decisions.

So you get a choice between the oldest American president or the oldest American president. A tearing up of everything or a changing of nothing.

Entropy needs to be worked against and that takes energy. There is no energy if all the money is going to the same people, there is no energy if you’re giving all your funds to them.

Not that there is a them. Bezos has achieved plenty and for that deserves some wealth, but not $60 billion for his hore.

The funding loop has just reached an extreme. It was great when entrance was more free, but incumbents have closed the door with the Securities Act 1933 and others like it.

So it was just a matter of time until someone opened it again, until a lush plentiful new land was found for the young to build their houses or even castles.

That’s bitcoin in many ways and the other cryptos it unleashed. A new land of plenty for meritocracy to flourish where money goes to those generally capable, but with little of it or certainly with not so much they don’t know what to do with it like the stokies.

So when will our pensions be invested to fund us and our new free market money, instead of the hos of Bezos?

Not least because if they don’t, then the young have no reason to contribute towards pensions when knowing their fiat will be mass debased to pay for funny money debt that generally goes to some bankers and their billionaires.

They could instead just put it into bitcoin themselves knowing it will keep its value regardless of what fed does as it’s a limited and an unchangable supply.

It’s a house and there’s only so many of it, but more importantly it’s houses for the young and smart, not billionaires.

So bitcoin could well be a way of reversing some of that extreme wealth concentration by playing the same game against them or by offering an alternative to the same game.

It’s just, we get to play here and write the rules, instead of rug pulling banker funded enslavers that suck all the value nine to five.

Otherwise it’s your choice obviously, except you don’t actually have a choice.

Because bitcoin is so accessible and so permissionless, the decision of anyone else affects all others to some degree.

So Iran needing it for international trade means there’s less land for others to occupy which means you get to see others getting castles, as well as headlines of some ho running away with billions – tax free of course – while your returns are probably beaten by real inflation, that is if we were to include house prices or gas/energy prices.

All of it translating to bitcoin is not just the new digital gold, but also the new stock market, at least where the young are concerned who definitely want to fund themselves rather than rigged stocks where all the gains are by law restricted to the rich or banks through the Securities Act 1933.

Meaning every dollar that goes into stocks goes primarily to the already super rich and banksters. While every dollar that goes into bitcoin goes primarily to everyone really, including students who mined it in their dormitories.

It’s just bitcoin doing bitcoin things – […]

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