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By November 18, 2020DApps
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DappRadar has shown that decentralized and Ethereum-powered applications (Dapps) have over 1 million active users in the last 30 days. It was stated that 6 dApps included in the ranking were in the DeFi and stock market categories, while the other four were in categories such as market place and games.

Analysis firm DappRadar reported that the number of users of the top 10 apps in the Ethereum-powered dApps category exceeded 1 million. It was stated that more than 94% of daily active wallets belong to DeFi and stock exchange dapps, and the number of active users has exceeded 1 million in the last 30 days.

In the news of Cointelegraph, it was shared that the number of DeFi users increased by 11% in the first 11 days of November. Referring to the report of DappRadar, it was emphasized that decentralized applications had a transaction volume of over 21 billion dollars in the last 30 days.

These applications account for 90% of user activity

In the report, it was stated that users on, Uniswap and Compound make up 90% of daily active wallets. seems to have stood out with nearly half a million daily active wallets in the last 30 days. Uniswap’s number of users decreased by 6% to 276 thousand. Compound’s number of users has exceeded 141 thousand with an increase of 448%.

The Forsage application, which ranks fourth, has 30 thousand users. The application, which is in the high risk group, has a volume of 15 million. The subsequent HEX application is also in the high risk group and the number of users is around 20 thousand. In the game category, Axie Infinity has 14 thousand users. DEFi application WBTC continues to rise with 14 thousand users.

The eighth place Rarible is the marketplace application. The application, which has a 16% decrease in the number of users, has more than 10 thousand users. Finally, Synthetix and dYdX DeFi applications are among the ones that managed to find their place in the list. Synthetix had 10,480 users, down 0.46%, and dYdX had 9,580 users, up 395%.

Change in the number of users of the top 10 applications

DappRadar showed in the graph below that users are heavily oriented towards DeFi and stock market applications. The report noted that the number of active users of 1 million, said to be relatively small, could be significant for the Ethereum network.

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