ICON Blockchain Signs Long-Term Deal with Band Protocol to Support Data-Driven DApps

By November 19, 2020DApps
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ICON, a decentralized network, has signed a long-term deal with Band Protocol to support data-driven dApp development on its blockchain. Band Protocol is a data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts, providing the tools for blockchain developers to connect to any external data source. The company is backed by top investors including Sequoia Capital and Binance.

Band Protocol recently completed a successful integration with ICON to provide secure, decentralized oracles for dApps. Developers can use these oracles to integrate high-quality, off-chain data to their applications, such as financial data for DeFi protocols or sports data for betting apps. Band Protocol can even enable oracle feeds for things like weather and flight tracking, creating new opportunities for powerful DApps on the ICON network.

This extended partnership ensures Band Protocol will continue to service the specific needs of dApps in the ICON ecosystem. Through this collaboration, ICON and Band Protocol will also operate validator nodes on each other’s networks to support the long-term success of both ecosystems.

“Band Protocol has been an excellent service provider thus far, answering developer questions and building custom solutions,” said Min Kim, ICON project founder. “We look forward to the continued alignment of our respective communities to achieve data-driven blockchain solutions on the ICON network.”

“We’re pleased to work with ICON to make data oracles more accessible to developers and enterprise blockchain users,” said Soravis Srinawakoon, CEO and cofounder of Band Protocol. “With ICON’s collaboration, we look forward to exploring more use cases for decentralized oracles, from business to finance to government and more.”

Any developer using ICON can now tap into Band Protocol’s real-world data to integrate built-in feeds or customized oracles. To learn more, please visit the ICON Developer Portal.

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