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By November 20, 2020DApps
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Hailed as one of the top-ranked blockchain DApp analysis entities, has announced its collaboration with Thunder Protocol, a renowned brand in the blockchain domain. The analysis portal has opened the ThunderCore column on its channel and has added support 15 DApps available on the ThunderCore blockchain. The news about the integration was circulated in the media via a Twitter post stating:

As part of the important collaboration, the hub will offer the community users a seamless interface facilitating access to real, accurate, and reliable information about the market trends. The customers will be offered revolutionary data references, a result-oriented DApp experience, and will play a significant role in bringing more and more users to the ThunderCore channel. is a popular name in the decentralized finance domain and has managed to earn decent respect in the community by offering the best services and tools. The portal has added support to 20 public chains, including the top-rated like IOST, ETH, EOS, etc. It boasts of a strong DApp cluster of over 3,000 DApp projects and helps to offer a correct analysis of user functions operating on the chains along with the ranking of all the projects.

The partnership between and ThunderCore will work on the following fields, including:

  1. Launch a ThunderCore column to provide access to the user number, frequency of transactions, volume of transactions, along with other important details of data related to each DApp project.
  2. The column will include data about product pages, including introduction about projects, display of statistics, user comment, etc.
  3. Introduce multiple online hacker competitions for the customers to boost cooperation in the community.
  4. Give regular data related to DApps on ThunderCore column to aid in decision-making, research, and user participation in risk control.
  5. Case studies on various DApps on ThunderCore to enhance the quality of DApps;
  6. Include support for ThunderCore Hub to encourage the participation of new users to the channel.

The partnership will pave the way for the success of DApp developers. The DApps of ThunderCore portal will get several benefits, including improved user experience, development of the community, and understanding of projects. ThunderCore offers multiple services via various service providers. provides crucial data of each app built on the portal, DAppBirds pools information about DApps, and DAppNT offers advanced tools to provide a better experience to the users.

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