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The idea behind Capri is a simple one: Make Dapps accessible to the public, let Dapp-makers organize their devs and create communities around them.

Head-Account: Join as the head of your dapp!

Add people working on your dapp, add tasks for them, communicate on a more professional level with intuitive chat interfaces, see how your dapp is doing [stats] and much more! You can also directly send and receive EOS.
Add roles to everyone to make them easily recognizable to the community!
This account has its completely own and unique interface to let you only manage your dapp: devs, adding tasks for them, meetings, deadlines, more detailed statistics, manage your dapp community profile,... . While this is a blocked off section of the app, heads can (of course) experience the app like pretty much every other "normal account" user would be able to, by simply creating a normal one themselves. There are some restrictions on this though, as it's explained later on.

Normal Account: This account is for every other user! Whether you're working on a dapp or not.

These "normal users" can join Dapp profiles, which is where the community around a dapp is based. You can also find code and much more here.

There's three types of chats:
• One to chat with other users [Communtiy chat, which needs to be managed by the developers]
• One to talk do devs specifically (*Dev-Chat)
• Private messaging with friends

The second one is a private option to talk to devs:
First you select if you want to join a chat session alone or up to three people from your friends list. Then you select the developers you'd like to talk to.

Then you and up to two other people from your friends list] enter a chat with all the developers you selected, make suggestions or ask questions,... .

This is simply for the sake of privacy and efficiency. For these things you'd normally have to reach out over Telegram or other services, where you need to find the right group and person to talk to, only to get to speak to the person you wanted to speak with in the first place. This normally takes quite a long time and isn't practical at all. It also lets you easily enter a conversation with many devs at once, which you wouldn't really be able to on other services [Or at least it'd take a long time].

A different option lets devs (or heads for that matter) create FAQs at a specific time where everyone can just join in! Once it's over, devs can easily create an FAQ based on this with a tool. Just select the questions, correct them if needed, select the answers and you're done. Now this FAQ can be posted to the dapp-profile for everyone to see.

Dappstats - Users can see activity of all the dapps. This lets them compare them and let's them see how big the user base for them is.

Dappmarket - From here, users can download dapps, leave instant feedback and it's the place they'll use their wallets to actually be able to use them. Information on how much crypto is needed for a dapp to work is also given.

With this account, the head of your dapp can also add you to the team of a dapp.

Pricing: Yes, there is monetization in this idea... Don't freak out, because it'd not be that much. This price would obviously also depend on how costly it is to keep such a service running over time.

In this pricing model, only the head [Head-Account] needs to pay 5$ a month. This unlocks all the functions such as opening their dapp-profile, adding programmers and marketing on the dapp-store, for example.
Adding more people as devs would benefit both you and them, as they would gain most of the features a Head-Account would have for free.

There's head-profiles and dev-profiles which contain information about the dev. You don't have to put anything in there, though.
All the other users don't have profiles to click on or access. They simply have a name, can be friendlisted [or pm'd] by other people and are then also able to go into dev-conversations(*Dev-Chat) with others.

The next big thing is the simple design and user experience. We're used to crypto-things being complicated. With Capri, this would be done in the easiest, cleanest and prettiest way possible. There are no 10 menus on one screen. You go step by step in this design.

Entering, you choose your account. We're going for a "normal account" here. Next up, you can either look for interesting dapps by going through their profiles, or just join the one you already wanted to join before signing up. In the main menu there's buttons to the dapp-market, the stats, the dapp-profile explorer as well as your already joined dapp-profiles. For accessiblity, you'd be able to choose which of these menus opens up first when you open the app.

Sliding from left to right brings up a small menu, which shows your profile name, picture, a button to view your friends [+ private chat and it'll show the conversations you had with them in public chats], as well as the amount of crypto you have in your connected wallet.
You can also own a normal account as well as a head-account and can switch them in this menu. These accounts are linked together and have the same username. Only the symbols displayed on the user itself is different. A user with a head-account can also not join his own dapp-profile with his "normal account" and cannot add his "normal account" as a dev on his dapp-manager.

This makes sure a head can mostly experience the app like any other user can (joining dapp-profiles, dappmarket,...).

You can also not join any other dapp-profiles with the head-account. It's only there to manage YOUR dapp profile, add devs etc. .

As we love EOS, we would put the focus on dapps built on it!

Capri would, of course, have a dapp-profile itself where people could directly talk to the devs, where updates would be shared and much more.

Have any thoughts about Capri? Share them with us!
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