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By March 19, 2021DApps
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The first weekend of September 2020 will go down as a momentous occasion for blockchain interoperability and scalability. It will be remembered as the time that DAPP Network DSPs came together to activate a token bridge to Ethereum, setting the code and the infrastructure for tokens to flow freely across chains. With the code for the bridge out and about, anyone can implement two-way token bridges on the mainnets in accordance with the code license.

LiquidApps is thrilled to invite developers to participate in the latest DAPP Network’s bug bounty and help upgrade the security and quality of the Cross-Chain Bridge to Ethereum. Bounty hunters, C++ pros, and solidity experts are invited to search the codebase for vulnerabilities, flaws, and imperfections for a chance to earn a portion of up to 10,000,000 DAPP tokens available for the LiquidApps Bug Bounty Program!

The scope of assessment for the Bridge to Ethereum Bug Bounty will include two smart contracts:

  • EOSIO bridge contract — responsible for listening for activity, sending transactions and parsing receipts on the EOSIO side.
  • Ethereum bridge contract — responsible for sending transactions and parsing receipts on the Ethereum side.

In order to ensure that you comply with our bounty guidelines, please make sure you thoroughly review the instructions on how to participate and submit an issue through GitLab.

We invite you to stress test the bridge and help iron out issues with the code in the DAPP Network Bridge to Ethereum Bug Bounty!

Stay tuned to the Bridge to Ethereum Bug Bounty, as the bug bounty scope may be expanded from time to time.

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