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By April 4, 2021DApps
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Not even two weeks after launch, $HOGL has successfully consolidated its position on the market while working in parallell to branch out to new strengths, and with at least one CEX listing imminent (with more to follow?), I'd like to share this low m-cap gem, which aims to transform its inital success into the biggest deflationary token with minimal fees on the BSC network. Expanding on the use-case part of the token, one thing that particularly has caught my eye is a community prides itself on being extremely positive, transparent, goal-oriented while keeping the tone light.

But why should we care about a "shitcoin"? Well, with BTC dominance slowly sailing towards the opening of the alt season for real, leveraging investments in more established or interesting use-case low mcap projects by spreading your portfolio into the still on-going craze for meme/shit/community coins for fun and profit has become all the more interesting (courtesy of highly successful platforms such as dxsale being able to offer higher level of trusts). For me, a big part of HOGLin is a part of my long-term plans for expanding my longer-term investments in mainnet moonshot tokens like Radix DLT and Everest ID.

A project not even two weeks old, $HOGL caught the eyes of CMC and Coingecko within only a few days. A deal was struck with Whitebit, made public not long ago, and you can log in for yourselves to see that integration is on-going. This is unheard of, but with a hard-working team even the impossible seems like a brisk walk up mt Snowdon on a sunny day (in the company of friends) rather than a steep and lonely climb up a weathered Everest - with rumours of talks with at least two other exchanges abound, one of them a top 20 one. Sure, Safemoon is bound to be the first BSC coin to be listed on Whitebit, but given that they had a two week head start, this presents a good opportunity for those who were initially skeptical of the possibility of integrating deflationary tokenomics on exchanges such as these. The volume it is expected to bring will be interesting, to say the least.

After a period of consolidating after a few pre-sale whales got out (and a BNB boom on-going) $HOGL has been trending as #1 on CoinMarketCap during the weekend, with a lot of exposure lately on YouTube, Twitter and TikTok. (Check bscscan for yourselves and you'll see a very healthy spread of ownership, making the token robust ahead of listings in terms of whale dumps in the future - )

As mentioned, the team behind the token have been very active and open, with a diverse roadmap including a browser game (featuring the Dacia dream charcteristically prominent in the $HOGL identity - they've even held a raffle where you can win a real one! - ). One thing that has been on the backburner (it seems to me at least) is an initial interest to use the tokenomics built in to specifically help people do charity for mental health and mental health awareness especially, which really speaks to me.

Liquidity is locked and no investor holds more than 0.3% of supply. Of course, do your own research, and why not take a little visit to the discord or Telegram groups if you have any additional questions!

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