Gasless Trading on the Ethereum Blockchain is Possible with Holder Finance

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HolderSwap is a dApp to Save in Gas Fees on the Ethereum Network
HolderSwap is a dApp to Save in Gas Fees on the Ethereum Network

HolderSwap, a decentralized app with enhanced features on the Cross-chain DeFi network

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Madrid, Spain Apr 20, 2021 ( – Holder Finance is a project on the cross-chain DeFi network that creates a store of value token, $HFI. Moreover, the Holder Finance ecosystem also includes a reward token within its dual-token model, $HFS, to encourage users to perform trades, staking, and more profitable actions. Recently, Holder Finance has released an update on HolderSwap, a dApp to Save in Gas Fees on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

What is Holder Finance?

In a nutshell, Holder Finance is a decentralized project that aims to develop the best store of value token, $HFI. Thus, users can benefit from the Ethereum network advanced technology and be the first Holders centric project of the Cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.

Thus, by implementing a dual-token model, Holder Finance rewards holders who stake and trade actively in the platform. Moreover, there is also a dApp to Save in Gas Fees, available at Thus, the dApp is compatible with mainstream wallet providers, such as MetaMask, Wallet Connect, and CoinBase Wallet.

Also, the most recent dApp update has added the BSC network so that users can easily trade on pairs via Pancakeswap.

What Problem Does Holder Finance Solve?

So, this project is attractive due to its token system, but its technology allows transactions on the Ethereum network with reduced gas fees.

Moreover, it is important to highlight:

  • Thus, providing reduced gas fees by using the Metadata infrastructure and AAT solution,
  • The dApp works on significant DEXs and tokens,
  • The UI/UX is user friendly,
  • Moreover, the dApp allows order limit in a completely decentralized way,
  • Also, providing Automated Arbitrage Trading to traders on decentralized exchanges,
  • What’s more, offering cross-blockchain trading,
  • Hence, HolderSwap enables OTC trading managed on-chain and audited by CTDsec helps sell tokens fast and free of tax.

What is Holder Limit?

Holder Finance stands out for its Limit Protocol. This feature allows users to trade with fewer gas fees and, in their way, with the opportunity to do cross-chain transactions with top security and complete control of their money.

How does it work? ‘ Users access Holder Finance Dapp and place limit orders just as they want to, either on the Binance DEXs or the Ethereum Network. Thus, it is as simple as that and on a clean and user-friendly platform.

Why is Holder Limit Better than other DEXes?

Holder Finance has many benefits in comparison with other Decentralized Exchanges. Let’s take a closer look:

These are, as you might agree, well-known decentralized exchanges: 1Inch, Uniswap, SushiSwap.

  • User-friendly UI. Like all of the referred DEXes, Holder Finance is an intuitive and clean platform.
  • Limit order. Only Holder Finance, 1Inch, and SushiSwap allow placing a limit order on this critical feature.
  • AAT. Only 1inch competes with Holder Finance in this regard.
  • Metadata. Unique feature by Holder Finance, not found in the other DEXs. If we look at 1Inch, their users pay high gas fees to unlock each token to trade.

By contrast, in Holder Finance, the trade owner pays the gas fees since it is an automated execution.

  • Cross-Blockchain. Holder Finance provides this innovative feature, and users can trade on different blockchains.

Holder Finance Roadmap

Holder Finance is a project committed to keeping its users involved and informed. Here, these are some of the latest updates and plans:

March 2021

  • HolderSwap Launch,
  • Closing partnerships,
  • HFS LGE Sold out,
  • Round 3 HFi Private sale.

April 2021

  • HFS Listing on PancakeSwap,
  • Holder Limit on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH) network,
  • Farming Pools (rewards FHS),
  • Partnerships: Reflect Finance, Elevate DeFi, WORLD Token.

May 2021

  • HFI listing on Uniswap or PancakeSwap,
  • Minting of HFS on Holderlimit (ETH+BSC),
  • AAT (SushiSwap, Balancer),
  • AAT (BurgerSwap).

Thus, you can find more information about Holder Finance on their White Paper and the Holder Finance official website. You may also contact the team on Telegram or Twitter.

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