NFT Issuer Doublejump.Tokyo Ditches Ethereum for Flow Blockchain

By April 22, 2021DApps
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Japanese non-fungible token (NFT) issuer Doublejump.Tokyo announced Thursday it will integrate its entire Ethereum-based game catalog with Dapper Labs’ Flow network.

The company, which manages titles including the digital trading card games My Crypto Heroes and My Crypto Saga, had relied on Ethereum since launching in 2018. But scaling and friction issues prompted Double Jump to relocate, the firm said in a press release.

My Crypto Heroes is hardly a kingmaker in NFT circles: it saw a paltry $7,716 (3.2 ETH) in peer-to-peer trading over the last seven days, according to CryptoSlam. Dapper’s hyper-popular NBA Top Shot enjoyed $15.5 million over the same period. (My Crypto Heroes’ all-time volume is $4.6 million, good enough for ninth-best, per CryptoSlam data.)

But the company’s relocation to Flow nonetheless speaks to the tradeoffs NFT developers must weigh in deciding where to host their projects. Ethereum is the biggest and most visible platform but also comes with sky-high transaction fees. A handful of upstart chains, including well-funded Dapper Labs’ Flow, hope to woo hesitant devs away from the market leader with promises of a smoother platform.

“I think most NFT developers are looking for alternatives for their projects,” Dapper’s chief of Blockchain Partnerships Mickey Maher told CoinDesk in an interview. “Whether it’s experimenting with different layer twos on Ethereum to try to stay there, or looking for a new platform altogether because it becomes impossible, at scale, to manage an NFT experience on Ethereum.”

To date, developer activity on Flow has been minimal. Aside from Dapper’s own NBA Top Shot, only one other dapp is active on the network, according to data compiled by DappRadar.

Doublejump.Tokyo will run a Flow blockchain node in Japan, according to a press release. It will be Flow’s first node in the region.

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