Binance outperforms Ethereum in Google Trends

By April 26, 2021Ethereum
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It is difficult to put into words the meteoric rise of Binance and its Blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain, within the crypto market. And it is that, although everyone knew that the exchange’s blockchain would represent a threat to the dominance of Ethereum in the sector of smart contracts. Few foresaw the success that it would have less than a year after its creation. Reaching a point where even Binance surpasses Ethereum in Google Trends in the United States, as Dave Craige comments in the Tweet of the day:

Binance flips Ethereum

The most important thing for any project based on Blockchain technology is the number of users who participate in it. And it is that, only through a larger community and involved with the development of the blockchain, it can evolve and keep up with its competitors in the crypto market.

This is especially true for Blockchains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, which depend on the number of decentralized projects within their chain, as well as how users use them. In this sense, the competition to attract more and more decentralized applications and users is fierce. And lately, Binance seems to be beating Ethereum in that section.

And, since February, Binance’s Blockchain has consistently beat Ethereum’s in number of daily transactions. While applications like PancakeSwap hosted on its Blockchain, it achieves more operations by itself than all ETH applications. So it was only a matter of time before US users became more interested in Binance than in Ethereum in their Google searches. What was commented by Dave Craige:

“Woa, Binance flipped Ethereum around March 10 this year on Google Trends. Pretty wild.

Binance outperforms Ethereum in Google Trends.  Source: Google Trends

Binance outperforms Ethereum in Google Trends. Source: Google Trends

While of course the United States is not the entire crypto community, these figures combined with all of Binance’s accomplishments over the past few months only reinforce the current trend Binance is heading to replace Ethereum as the main Blockchain for creating smart contracts around the world.

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