OctoFi and INKubator 2021 Review: What You Need to Know

By April 27, 2021DApps
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When it comes to the DeFi community, there’s a lot to consider and definitely a number of ways you’ll want to take a closer look. If you are interested in getting involved with DeFi but are not sure if it is the right process for you, you will definitely want to take a closer look at OctoFi, which can bring you even more benefits and even more reasons to get involved with the decentralized financial market at as it continues to evolve.

What is OctoFi?

First, let’s take a quick look at what OctoFi is. This platform is designed to offer you cash refunds for making transactions with its system. They do this for transactions that use decentralized finance and non-fungible token markets. And with a simple transaction that you would be doing anyway, you could earn cryptocurrencies, without having to do anything else. That makes it much more convenient for users and also makes even more people inclined to try the system and see what they can do and what they can achieve.

OctoFi dApp – This part of the process is all about the application that gives you direct access to the DeFi and NFT markets. Everything is done in one place, which makes it so much easier for you to get involved and try things out. And because it is an all-in-one application, it is also possible to make the connection more convenient.

OctoFi wallet – With this wallet you can lower your fees because they are integrated. You’ll also get even more support for your desired networks and some of the top NFT-related features, making it easy for you to invest without user tracking.

OctoFi Token – Finally, you will get a token that offers unique and governance features as well as revenue sharing. Not to mention that it is an ERC-20 and runs on the Ethereum network, so it will give you security and versatility at the same time.

Understand how it works

By working with any of the referral partners for the system, via their websites or via the dApp and using the OctoFi wallet, you can make a huge profit. That’s because those partners offer a portion of the revenue to OctoFi. Because you are benefiting them, they are also benefiting you. OctoFi will give you back 40% of the commission they receive (as long as you use their wallet). Then the rest of the commission is shared among the token holders. As a result, you will be able to benefit yourself and the token holders within the platform.

For those who do not use the wallet, all the commission that is earned from their transaction is sent to the holders of the tokens. You will not be eligible for any part of the income on your own unless you are a token holder.

Delving into the deep

Let’s take a closer look at some of the different features and aspects that currently exist and are slated to come into play very soon. After we mention each of these, it’s a good idea to look at each one a little closer to see what you can discover and how they might work for you and the needs you have within your own decentralized financial planning. And that starts with the dApp that will allow you to access everything on this platform.


This is actually the key aspect of the entire platform and it offers you cash back through your transactions. It is the initial product of the company and is designed to be as simple as possible, so that people new to the world of cryptocurrencies can still feel comfortable. For those who don’t know what they are doing, this app will help them out and make the whole process much easier down the road. That will definitely be a major improvement and even more people will start with the cryptocurrency as a whole.


The wallet is not currently available through the system, but it will be the main point of everything. It will allow you to download and immediately start trading through referral partners, allowing you to earn a variety of rebates. This system will provide most of the functions and will be the cornerstone of the project. While the app is an essential aspect of getting these benefits, you will need to download the wallet to be eligible for any of the new commissions and revenue sharing that accompany the process.


OCTO tokens are part of the governance process of the system. These tokens allow you the distribution of income and will allow you to obtain additional functions. They can be purchased from OctoFi or Uniswap, giving you a safe way to get started. Your revenue share will be based on the specific, proportional amount of OCTO you have compared to current circulating supply. A snapshot will be taken each month to secure your OCTO percentage for the month and make sure you are earning the amount of income you are entitled to.

Payments are made in stable currencies and deposited directly into wallets. There is no requirement to bet or claim at this time. You must also keep amounts equal to or greater than OCTO at the end of the month as a start to earn income sharing. You will also not get additional rewards for OCTO you purchase during the month, but you will get the OCTO benefit that was present at the beginning of the month and is still present on the last day of that same month.

What comes next?

One of the first things you’ll want to see when we’re considering what’s next is INKubator. This is a launch pad that is designed to offer decentralized and automated ILO / Presales. It is designed to work automatically through Uniswap trading and to connect to the liquidity locker. All of this will provide even more benefits and opportunities for those who are committed to the OctoFi platform and especially those who are already OCTO holders and ready to participate in the next initial sale. This since the launch is starting.

The INKubator launch will be available to those who are just starting out and have a small amount within the platform, as well as those who have a larger amount within the platform. In addition, those who have at least 8 OCTO tokens can participate in private sales within the launch pad and have the first opportunity to try the new opportunities and availabilities that come with it. Even better, the platform strives for complete transparency for the platform and for all aspects, including the new launch pad, which means that you will be able to see everything directly.

A project can communicate directly with OctoFi to appear on the launch pad. They will then be investigated by Octagon to make sure it fits the profile and is previously vetted and aligned with the overall manifest. From there, it will be whitelisted (or denied). If you are whitelisted, you can start preparing for the launch and Octagon will prepare the announcements. This means that the application does not need to worry about creating the content to fully launch the option to the rest of the community. Octagon will be in charge of notifying the community of what is to come.

Those who currently have OCTO will be able to access the INKubator app to participate in the sale of the tokens to get started. Then the Uniswap trading pairs are created and the project can initiate a liquidity lock. This launch will make it easier for investors to get started and ensure they engage with a quality system. They will be able to get a better chance of making big income and profit as a result of starting this way and making sure they are working with high-level companies that know what they are doing.

Advanced options

The system is also working on a variety of benefits and enhancements for the future. This includes the browser extension wallet which is designed for release very soon. We have discussed the wallet before and how it will allow users to get a better return on their investment, even when they are working with organizations and companies that are completely outside of OctoFi. They can use the wallet to earn even more money and ensure they participate in the best possible way.

CrossChain Swap and CrossChain Bridges are two other areas where it is important to consider the benefits and opportunities. They are expected to be released soon, and are actually already in progress as of this month. This means that you will be able to start using them soon as the platform continues to implement each of the different aspects and makes sure that users can get the most out of the features and what they mean. The most important thing is to just wait and see what happens next for the platform.

They have a plan for the rest of the year, which includes browser updates and add-on options, as well as the NFT launch pad in the second quarter of the year. It includes offline address management, launch pad enhancements and an increase in platform data in the third quarter of the year and will be produced even more in the fourth quarter. This will include L2 options, CrossChain enhancements, and even OTC chain exchange solutions. And all of this is after the platform has already achieved a host of different milestones. Throughout the previous year, when they started, this platform has been able to achieve a series of functionalities.

What happens next?

If you are interested in getting started with DeFi, you will definitely want to take a closer look at this platform and see how OctoFi can help you. This platform will definitely make a huge difference in your investment process and allow you the opportunity to earn revenue sharing and commissions simply by interacting with companies and organizations that you normally would anyway. That will be an important step in the right direction for you and the kind of return you are looking to get when it comes to decentralized finance and crypto as a whole.

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