Solidity/Dapp Developer needed ASAP

By April 28, 2021DApps
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We are looking for someone that's competent with the Ethereum ecosystem (mempool, blockchain, transactions) and various web3 libraries such as EtherJS. To help us build a bot that can help us trade more efficiently in defi markets.

So candidates with past experience of building front running bots for AMMs will be a massive positive. We only need a script and no gui as this bot will be run from the command line. For a more detailed brief on exactly what we need

You can find a more detailed spec of the task that needs to be done, as an attachment below!

  • Project Type: Ongoing project

Skills and Expertise

TypeScript Ethereum JavaScript Blockchain Solidity Node.js Blockchain Development Cryptocurrency DApps etherjs web3.js Rust

Activity on this job

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