lumino lightclient dapp Endpoints problem in environment for startup

By April 30, 2021DApps
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Im new person in block sphere. Im interested in realizate decentralized app(dapp) based on But i dont understand what i should connect in enviroments. REACT_APP_TOKEN_NETWORK_ADDRESSES, REACT_APP_RSK_ENDPOINT, REACT_APP_NOTIFIER_ENDPOINTS. Where i can get this endpoints?

In example (in brackets how im undrerstood it, in the answer write please true and number if my understanding is correct):

  1. REACT_APP_ADDRESS: the account address to use on this application (wallet address)

  2. REACT_APP_PRIVATE_KEY: the private key for the account address used in REACT_APP_ADDRESS (wallet private key)

3)REACT_APP_CHAIN_ID: the RSK chain id that you want to connect to (ex: 33). Valid values are: 30 (MAINNET), 31(TESTNET) or 33(REGTEST)) (31 cause now im working in test net)

  1. REACT_APP_RSK_ENDPOINT: the RSK server endpoint to connect to (i should set up local network for testnet?)

  2. REACT_APP_HUB_ENDPOINT: the Hub endpoint to connect to (we use public hub -> i should connect to

  3. REACT_APP_RNS_REGISTRY_CONTRACT_ADDRESS: the RNS Registry Contract Address of the contract deployed on the network (my rns addres of wallet)

  4. REACT_APP_TOKEN_NETWORK_ADDRESSES: the list of token network addresses that we are going to use ,should be all the addresses of the deployed token networks (?)

  5. REACT_APP_NOTIFIER_ENDPOINTS: the list of notifier endpoints to listen to (?)

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