The most promising crypto gems for May are altcoins

By April 30, 2021DApps
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The most promising crypto gems for May are altcoins 1

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum dominance of market reducing.
  • Altcoins have become promising crypto gems.

Although the global economy is in decline, crypto is in full swing and many investors regard this as a historic moment. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are the jewels of the crypto industry because of their stability and capitalization. However, the new Defi contracts and systems have reduced their popularity.

Below you will learn about the most promising crypto gems that have weakened the Ethereum and Bitcoin hold on the market. These altcoins are the most picked by investors and most included in wallets because they have an extraordinary future.


This is a decentralized currency on the Ethereum blockchain that authorizes investors to exchange their ERC-20 tokens in liquidity equipment. It operates on a decentralized exchange that works for 24 hours a day on over 2 billion assets, making it a huge decentralized exchange. Likewise, Uniswap does not ask for KYC/AML verification, so the user remains anonymous.

Uniswap users can stake the asset for reward exchanges. This flexibility makes the DeFi token the first of the 10 favorites with the largest capitalization.


PlasmaPay has an authorized crypto exchange wallet and system in Estonia. The interface works as a gateway to exchange centralized and decentralized currencies, letting customers send in Fiat.

PlasmaPay has its token, PPAY, which plans to link Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, and their native blockchains. For the second quarter of the year, the token can strengthen its bridge between assets by launching SpacePort on its platform.

Fuse Network

Fuse is a blockchain for public use that reduces the limit, value, and friction between the usual finances. The asset is anchored to Ethereum technology, allowing the Fuse Network tokens to move unhindered. The public blockchain has Fuse Studio, a dApp to create its own companies.

The token can be used from a mobile phone. Therefore companies such as Wikibank, Seedbed, PayWise, and Digital Rand have joined the technology to help communities. Fuse Network had previously partnered with Rupiah Token, e-Money, Orion, KrystalDefi, Boson, CorionX, and MantraDAO.

The token works on an open source-oriented blockchain which helps with the buying and selling of goods and services worldwide. ShareRing has three functions the ShareRing Marketplace app, Sharepay, and ShareLedger. This blockchain has been the first to include a double token such as SHR and SHRP used to improve the ShareRing ecosystem.


BlindBoxes comes from a gamified market that tries to keep unsustainable tokens in place. The best artists, recognized brands, and NFT developers are collected on the platform; then, they are provided in blind boxes, hence their name.

The token being capitalized by BlindBoxes is $BLES which the Decentralized Autonomous Organization manages. Users mine the asset by opening mystery boxes while the developers mine by selling their NFTs for the token.

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