Tesla sold nearly $300M of bitcoin in Q1

By May 2, 2021Bitcoin Business
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Let’s be clear here. Musk sold 300 million of Bitcoin, likely near 50k a piece. He bought 1.5 billion at about 30k a piece. He divested a small portion of their BTC holdings, who knows if they took in any Bitcoin in sales or whatnot. It’s possible Tesla’s dollar value position in BTC is the same size or larger than before despite the sale as of today despite the sale. This is not bearish for Bitcoin whatsoever. That said, this is a total sideshow, Portnoy is a clown who got dunked on, and this is an absolute nonstory only being covered because of the whackiness factor here.

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@SlickGamble Not sure what you mean here… they bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin at around $33,000, sold $150 billion worth on a cost basis amount at near $60,000 for almost 80% profit, still holding about $1.3 billion worth on a cost basis. That means they have about $1 billion in unrecognized paper profits. They just said that they were impressed by the liquidity, both buying the initial stake and selling 10%.They can always set a stop loss price at which point they get rid of all of what they own. At the moment they are up around 65% so and liquidity seems to not be an issue.

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Jan 11, 2021
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