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By June 22, 2021Ethereum
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Ethereum App Template

Ethereum frontend app template with the following features:


# Install packages
yarn install

# Run in development mode
yarn dev

# Compiles and minifies for production
yarn build

# Format files
yarn prettier

# Run linter
yarn lint

### Run your unit tests and end-to-end tests (not yet setup)
yarn test:unit
yarn test:e2e

Notes / Customization

Notes on customizing this app:

  • Primary and secondary theme colors are defined in tailwind.config.js. Other colors are inlined as classes, e.g. text-gray-400.
  • Dark mode is handled with Nightwind, which is a Tailwind CSS plugin that generates a dark theme by automatically inverting color classes. The resulting dark mode will not look as a good as a fully customized/hand-crafted dark mode, but this is much less work to implement, and Nightwind does offer some control over the output
  • Vite does not use process.env.MY_VARIABLE for environment variables, but instead uses import.meta.env.VITE_MY_VARIABLE. Values in .env that are prefixed with VITE_ are automatically included. Update the type definitions in src/shims.d.ts for any new environment variables
  • The Vue router is configured to use history mode and assumes the app is hosted at the domain root. Both of these defaults can be changed in src/router/index.ts
  • Blocknative's onboard.js is used for connecting wallets. Like Vue 3, Vite does not automatically polyfill defaults like os, http, and crypto that are needed by onboard.js, so we require this in vite.config.ts
  • The store modules live in src/store, and there are three setup by default
    • wallet.ts manages the user's wallet connection
    • data.ts atomically polls for data each block using Multicall2
    • settings.ts saves and manages user settings such as dark mode and wallet selection

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