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By September 1, 2021Polkadot
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Calamari, the Manta Network’s canary-network, is a plug-and-play privacy parachain built to serve the sector DeFi in the ecosystem Kusama. It uses zkSNARK to ensure privacy transactions and swaps… The second batch of slot auctions on Kusama is on the way, here you will find detailed information about the crowdlawn.

Calmari will participate in the second batch of Kusama slots auctions as one of the strongest competitors. Many compare it to the Moonriver project, but whether Calmari will repeat its success is anyone’s guess. Calamari CrowdLawn members will receive 10,000 KMA for 1 KSM contributed as a reward for their contribution to the default crowdlowan. The fixed ratio ensures that the remuneration for KSM contributors does not change with the amount of KSM Calamari collected. This makes it fair for everyone involved, no matter when they join.

Calamari will be betting on parachain slots via crowdsale. Collective KSMs will be locked for 8 periods (6 * 8 weeks) from the moment you win a Calamari slot until the expiration date. If Calamari does not win the slot, the KSMs will be unlocked and returned to their original owners. You can support the project and participate by clicking on the link. (using the link gives a bonus to all participants)

About the Manta network

Manta Network is a blockchain asset chain privacy solution. In the short term, Manta will be a product that enables high-performance private DeFi transactions such as FT / NFT transfers and AMM exchanges. In the long term, Manta will become a platform for privacy-preserving blockchain applications. Manta has previously completed a million dollar funding round led by Polychain and has participated in Three Arrows Capital, Multicoin, Alameda and Hypersphere. Manta is also a recipient of a grant from the Polkadot Web3 Foundation. The protocol also participated in the University of Berkeley’s Substrate Builder and Blockchain Accelerator program.

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