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By September 8, 2021Polkadot
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Welcome to SubQuery’s monthly update. The developers have been busy decentralizing the platform as they prepare for TGE in the coming months.

In this monthly update:

  • Adaptation Ambassadors
  • Work started on SubQuery network
  • Huge community growth
  • New projects on SubQuery
  • AMA with DotMarketCap
  • Activities in China
  • Providing the 2nd milestone of the Polkadot Common API

Adaptation Ambassadors

After launching our Ambassador program last month, we were overwhelmed by the excitement in the community and the number of members. To date, developers have received just under 2,000 applications on almost every continent and to date the team has accepted over 30 people. Tre has done an excellent job leading this initiative and engaging with the community on Discord. As the developers already see the benefits of a closer relationship with SubQuery advocates, they will be expanding the team in the next few weeks.

Huge community growth

Community growth is accelerating this month and the Discord channel is approaching 2,000 users. The audience on Twitter was also increased to over 6,000 subscribers.

“We are particularly pleased with this growth as our project focused, first, on building a smaller but high quality developer community. As our TGE approaches, these numbers should explode as we shift our focus to retail and investor audiences. “.

To help accelerate this growth and ensure community engagement and activity in the ecosystem, Rob joined the team as the new head of marketing. In addition, Tre is also welcomed by the developers as Strategic Business Development Manager for the US and Europe.

Work started on SubQuery Network

Yes! Work has begun on moving SubQuery to a decentralized and tokenized network: SubQuery Network! This migration will ensure there is no single point of failure for SubQuery and will reward contributors through the SQT token. To move forward with this significant change, the team has hired new developers to join this month.

New projects on SubQuery

Several new SubQuery projects were launched in August, including those with Subscan, Karura, Subscan, Polkaswap, and Soramitsu. For Karura, SubQuery is used to retrieve and query data from the Karura chain, making queries fast and efficient for the Karura application. The SubQuery service plays a key role in Subscan, providing fast transaction data at any given address with multiple signatures, thereby improving UX and enabling more advanced features. SORA has built a SubQuery project that pulls data from the SORA network to power mobile apps built on SORA and

“Using Subquery makes it easy to create dapps, I no longer have to spend a lot of time getting the data I need.” – Brett (Acala developer).

“SubQuery was the perfect solution for our needs because the application is easy to deploy and manage, easy to learn and develop, and well documented, plus SubQuery has its own infrastructure with Github integration.” – SORA Development Team.

AMA with DotMarketCap

On August 5, DotMarketCap held an AMA with Sam and James. Audience questions ranged from areas like DeFi and NFT to many questions about growth plans and the future. The developers shared ideas on why they started the project at Polkadot and whether the token will be launched as ERC-20 or not.

Activities in China

Sichi, who is spearheading business development in China, had a busy month with a series of online panel discussions alongside Moonbeam, Acala, Astar and Phala. In addition, she participated in the AMA hosted by Polkadot on August 11 and the AMA hosted by ODaily and Acala on August 13.

Providing the second milestone of the Polkadot generic API

The developers are delighted to be making progress in developing an open source dApp API for Kusama with the Fearless Wallet team. This work is supported by a grant from Kusama. The nearing completion of the second milestone in this project means that there will soon be a defined and common core data API for Polkadot, Kusama and other parachains that will attract more developers to the ecosystem. Making development intuitive and as easy to use as possible is one of the key goals of a SubQuery project.

Still have questions?

We remind you that we are the ambassadors of the SubQuery project. You can get additional information and ask any questions about SubQuery in the Russian-speaking SubQuery group on Telegram.

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