The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 3 – Inedibles And Parodies

By September 11, 2021NFT
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Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: our hero starts building community. In the first episode, he became an art collector. In the second one, Andy Milonakis’ career in the arts started. The NFT world has got its own characteristics, though, and a sense of belonging is one of the main ones. The Bored Apes are part of a Yacht Club. The Gutter Cats are part of a Gang. And Milonakis’ day one supporters are going to get theirs…

Today’s show starts with a video appearance, Andy Milonakis makes fun of people who don’t understand how NFTs work.

BtW, I CoPeed ur NfT m8

— Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) September 4, 2021

Or are these people actually trying to help by teaching Milonakis a fundamental truth about digital scarcity? Something to ponder.

Inedibles By Andy Milonakis

Another episode, another collection. This one is slightly more cohesive. Andy Milonakis went to his dad’s garage armed with spray cans and ruined someone’s food.

Just saying, I sold 17 out 18 1/1's yesterday. There's one left, just sayin. ;)

— Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) September 4, 2021

The NFT collection consisted of 18 pieces, each one a 1/1. He sold 17 on the first day. At the time of writing, the Inedibles collection’s total volume traded is 10,5 ETH.

But here is where it gets good:

Also, owners of I'm Not Very Good NFT or Inedibles NFT will get 1 for free

— Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) September 4, 2021

First of all, Milonakis is going to take his time with the new collection. Second, his original holders will get free NFTs. That’s how you build community and give value to your customers.

But, before all that…

A Parody Of A Parody

Apparently, images of just lists of words called “loots” or “bloots” were selling. So, Andy Milonakis created “Loot (for Grocery shoppers),” a series of… shopping lists? Thankfully, it’s a parody.

— Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) September 4, 2021

Is it worrisome that those lists of words are selling better than most of the collections in the space? Is that a sell signal for the whole NFT movement? Or are kids just having fun and we don’t get it?

Luckily for us, when it comes to Andy Milonakis, we don’t have to worry about that. This man will put the work in for his new collection.

It was fun to put the raw energy out but no more one off NFTs. Gotta put my head down and seriously develop something thought out. OG holders will be remembered and rewarded

— Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) September 5, 2021

Today’s topic is how to build a community, Milonakis gives us a lesson by telling his people “OG holders will be remembered and rewarded.

ETHUSD price chart for 09/10/2021 - TradingView
ETH price chart for 09/10/2021 on Bitfinex | Source: ETH/USD on

The Collection Grows, A Cold Wallet Is In Order

Our hero is not only an artist, Andy Milonakis’ collection keeps growing. Lately, he bought into Rogue Society Bots, Space Punks Club, KILLAZ, and this baby:

Will these .jpegs keep their value going forward? In the immediate future chances are their value increases, Andy Milonakis is doing his homework and buying pieces from up-and-coming collections. The question, though, is, will they maintain that value in the future? These are the enigmas that The Andy Milonakis NFT show is here to explore.

In any case, our hero needs to keep his collection safe. Like most cryptocurrency investors, he concluded that a hardware wallet was a worthwhile investment.

— Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) September 6, 2021

Do your own research, though. There might be other options for you.

We can’t finish this episode without a dose of philosophy. This time, Milonakis ponders his own strategy. Even though he “is doing his homework and buying pieces from up-and-coming collections,” he feels he has to do better. “Do more research before you buy/ don’t feel the need to buy everything.

A lot of my purchases are still based on hype and fomo
I will not lie to myself or my followers
shame on you, Andy
2 weeks in, you should know better
do more research before you buy
don't feel the need to buy everything
use your head or you're ngmi

— Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) September 7, 2021

In a show of progress and commitment, The Andy Milonakis Show licensed this huge hit as a theme song. And we got Andy Milonakis himself to sing it:

This show is going places.

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