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I do want to just kind of jump into it today. There’s a lot to jump into, whether it’s partnerships integrations or just articles talking about you know where we’re going to next.

I want to bring all of that to the forefront and talk about my, like I said, one of my favorite coins, ChainLink. One of the coins, I believe, has such huge long-term potential and utility bills really across this entire ecosystem of ChainLink.

So right now, we do have a marked cap at 13.1 billion dollars, the volume at 1.1 billion dollars in the last 24 hours. And you can see the trading activity at 56 percent by 44 percent to sell, so one cool thing about ChainLink is if you take a look at the last week, we have actually seen about a one percent decrease, but the last month has been a very very solid really month for Chainlink.

Obviously, you’re going to see volatility, but you know 24 dollars is something we came from. You know we actually came even lower than that; obviously, before twenty-four dollars, we were at 13.74 cents. And I tweeted about this. I was tweeting all around that 15 range.

Make sure to accumulate you know what you are accumulating at this range. Obviously, this is going to be a very, very low dip. And you can actually see that tweet here, so buying a link at 15 dollars feels like stealing what you guys are accumulating, and I tried to give everybody that idea of you know now’s the time to accumulate June. This is actually July 16th. So it did drop even lower to about 1374, I think July 17th. But at 15 dollars, I was very, very happy about the kind of, you know, accumulatin a good amount of link. And I think really like like I said if you guys want to stay up to date with all these really calls all these market opportunities, make sure to follow me.

I do want to jump over, though. As I said, talk a little bit more about ChainLink before we come back and talk about the price predictions for the end of the year the end of the bull market.

So let’s take a look at Twitter.

We have convergence fin a very, very large actually decentralized interchangeable assets protocol converging the world 70 actually 74.7 k followers, so a very large partnership here talking about really that decentralized interchangeable asset protocol has integrated Chainlink VRF on Ethereum mainnet.

We’re not going to go into detail on every single integration, but you know there’s just so many of them, so I just want to kind of mention a few, so we have v empire digital 15.7 k followers yet another solid project integrating.

ChainLink VRF on multiple blockchains to support their upcoming online trading card game the empire at the beginning.

We also have any Chain NFT. Integrating Chainlink VRF on Ethereum we actually jump on to the next one decentralized nft based billboard cell land is integrating chain link price feeds on Ethereum another 15k follower account here continuing to show that these projects are jumping on board with Chainlink because of what Link is there to offer obviously utilizing. What ChainLink can and will do for all of these amazing projects?

I do think you know one of the biggest things I love about ChainLink is if you actually take a look at the ecosystem, we are growing so much per year in the number of projects that are integrating with ChainLink. And that’s one thing that you know I am specifically going to continue to build on the value of ChainLink.

Obviously, the more projects that are utilizing Chainlink, the more in value I expect ChainLink to really rise in the upcoming weeks ahead as we jump on over to the next article.

This article is a great one to look into, but before we do, guys, I do want to jump into BlockFi.

Because it’s always a great time to talk about blockfi when we talk about Chainlink. Chainlink does not have to stake right now. Obviously, if chain link came out with staking, it would be the best thing ever for a lot of us ChainLink holders.

However, BlockFi is the best alternative at this point in time.

So BlockFi is one way to actually put your Chainlink, and you know, put your chain link in and really earn passive income or pass rewards to earn more from your crypto with a BlockFi interest account or bia account, your cryptocurrency can earn up to 7.5 percent APY.

Interest occurs daily and is paid monthly. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait. What’s really cool about you is BlockFi.

I do want to jump back, though like I said in this article talking about, this is the ideal time to accumulate ChainLink tokens. So this is out actually eight minutes ago as of September 12th.

I’m not sure this is the greatest time to accumulate but sure, we can say this is the greatest time to accumulate but you know realistically the greatest time was you know below 15 dollars when i tweeted out or you know really at that 13,74 if you guys were amazing and picked the exact bottom July 20th 13,74 at 8 pm was the very very lowest obviously that was the time to accumulate.

But you know 29, 30 still a great time to accumulate in my opinion ChainLink you know coin that is insanely undervalued at this current price point.

“ I’m not going to go too much into this but you know time to accumulate link towards the end of july the average balance of a holder revolved around the 25k mark the same has gradually risen over the months and explicitly stood at 46.1 k at the time of the writing by and large this means the market participants have been adding more link tokens to their portfolios and uh you know they expect that price to actually increase. And a lot of people obviously on board with this i want to jump onto this next one as well so amd crypto made an article talking about here’s when a bullish reversal can be expected.

I’m not going to jump too far into this guys but at the time of the writing link was actually valid at 26.80 so we’re already seeing a nice increase and uh you know they’re talking about the reasoning and conclusion. So really you know however links indicators ran into bearish positions in certain support areas would be more in a focus for link the 23.6 fibonacci level is crucial to its short-term success.

So, a lot of people talking about the short-term success realistically like i said a lot of you guys are holding long term a lot of you guys are holding six to months to you know a year to two months two years three years four years.

And realist like i said i’ve been saying realistically quite a bit this article. But you know in five years the market’s never actually gone down in a five year period so that’s one of the coolest parts about crypto is for the most part based on history we are going to have a momentum swing for all of these cryptocurrencies in the next five years if you bought now you’re still at a safe really safe point in my opinion.

You know to actually find profits in the next upcoming you know whether months or years you are going to see profit. So i’m excited about that specifically and i do want to jump into one last article this one talking about link targeting 58 next i will say guys i’m not a financial advisor so always do your own research before investing.

But this article specifically is very very bullish for a lot of reasons.

“So we talk about ChainLink suffered a drop of nearly 44 percent within 48 hours but it’s primed for recovery. So analysts predict new all-time highs 40 centralized blockchain oracle chain link chain link is making a comeback after a 44 percent drop over the past week the altcoin has posted gains of nearly four percent today a layer to roll up solution called optimism announced its integration with ChainLink decentralized oracles on september 1st.

I will be targeting for ChainLink. I think it’s definitely viable definitely a reasonable conservative price prediction for chain link as we move closer and closer to that bull market part two.

Really starting to kick off in mass adoption obviously retail as well as institutional investors most likely going to be utilizing ChainLink. You know with their funds at the very least. So i do expect like i said a lot of hype surrounding ChainLink in the upcoming months and years ahead.

Good luck!

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