Phala Makes Strategic Partnership With Seedify

By September 17, 2021Polkadot
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Phala Makes Strategic Partnership With Seedify

Phala is now a proud partner of Seedify. The integration is revolutionary for bringing out innovative blockchain games. The new gaming era is completely dynamic, where gamers can earn while playing. The play-to-earn era is unlike earlier, where games were played only for fun. Rewards are mainly in the form of in-game item NFTs or tokens. This benefits the blockchain in the form of ownership transparency, incentive models, and NFTs.

Seedify will curate Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) on its platform. This will directly make blockchain games reach requisite crowdsourced funding. This can help the community own tokens of upcoming blockchain games even before they are listed on the relevant stock exchange.

Phala will provide access to crucial infrastructure in a decentralized setting to new, upcoming GameFi Projects. Gaming projects do not need to compromise their privacy and security with the Phala network. It allows users to easily access Gaming projects by employing cloud resources with computing seeds.

GameFi projects can also get many benefits like funding opportunities, incubation, different solution partners, customized as per the project’s needs. The partnership will be able to bring a new revolution with decentralization and GameFi.

About Seedify

Seedify is a launchpad ecosystem that focuses on blockchain gaming incubators. It has helped in empowering innovators and other developers by providing them with community, partnership building, and appropriate funding. Seedify is a full support system for driving the future of gaming and blockchain.

About Phala

Phala network is a blockchain platform empowering and enabling massive cloud processing and computations without harming data confidentiality. Phala helps in improving trust in Cloud computation. Phala is also a member of the Polkadot cross-chain ecosystem.

3rd Annual DIgital Banking Summit 2021

Digitization of Banking Sector En route to a cashless Africa | 10th – 11th November | Hybrid Summit

Africa is home to the second-largest banking market in the world in terms of growth and portability. Digital transformation of the BFSI sector is no longer an attractive option, in fact, it is now a need and imperative for banks to survive. Too many non-banking players have entered the market, making complete use of the technology on offer, for them to conduct business as usual. FinTechs have laid the foundation for the disruption of traditional banking methods and have created a catalyst for start-ups to open their virtual doors for business. This is further fuelled by new, favorable regulations by Governments – indicating that this wave of innovation will not subside and is only bound to take a quantum leap.

The Covid-19 pandemic has sped up the pace of the digital transformation in Africa, possibly by a couple of years, as many people have been forced to try digital services for the first time.

For banks, 2020 was a year of adaptability; however, 2021 will see a renewed focus on automation and will give rise to the emergence of connected banking. Banking operations are going to become much more flexible, due to the immediate need to access data anytime, anywhere. The time is fertile to accelerate digital technology and leverage it to stay relevant, competitive, and future-ready.

Keynotes, Candid Conversations, Fire-Side Chats, and Focus Sessions, with which we aim to outline the challenges and opportunities within the industry. The content has been curated to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to advance their pioneering strategies and integration to effectively cultivate their operations to increase profitability in the post-pandemic era.

Massachusetts Casinos Net $26 Million In Tax Revenue

As per the August reports, the Massachusetts Commission stated that it had collected a total tax of $869 million in a year from three casinos, MGM Springfield Casino, Plainridge Park Casino, and the Encore Boston Harbor Casino. A total tax amount of $26.2 million, collected from the state-licensed casinos went to the government treasury. The BTC casino has been very popular recently in the state as well.

The Plainridge Park Casino is subject to a 49% tax amount. The Plainridge Park Casino was able to bring in an amount of almost $12.7 million through its slot machines. It generated total tax revenue of $6.2 Million.

The Encore Boston Harbor Casino is subject to a tax rate of 25% by the income tax authorities. It was able to bring in $57.9 million, where table games brought in $25.4 million, and the slots were able to garner $32.4 million. The total tax revenue amounted to approximately $14.5 million.

The MGM Springfield Casino is also subject to a 25% tax rate like the Encore Boston Harbor Casino. It was able to bring in revenue of $21.8 million. The $21.8 million were generated from the slots and the table games at the casino. The slots were able to bring in $16.8 million to the revenue, while the table games could generate $4.9 million. The tax department collected a total tax of $5.4 million on the total sum of revenue.

According to the report, the revenue taxes obtained from MGM Springfield and Encore Boston Harbor are set aside for particular state funds. The tax revenue from Plainridge Park Casino was allocated towards local aid and the Race Horse Development Fund.

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