Kusama after polkadot rolls out parachain auctions.

By September 19, 2021Polkadot
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Hello there guys,

I have been learning about kusama and polkadot for the last couple of weeks and i must say that i am very intrigued.

I love the idea of parachain auctions, basically participating in a ico for free.

But i don’t have to explain that to you guys!

What i came here to ask is, what will happen to kusama after polkadot rols out its own parachain auctions?

Kusama is supposed to be polkadots canarie network right?

Wouldn’t it have served its purpose when polkadot goes live?

Or are there other things in the pipeline yet to be tested on kusama?

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I’m learning about Kusama and trying to understand the potential value of projects on Kusama.

If a project has no chance of winning a Polkadot parachain, is it therefore of little value?

On the Polkadot wiki, they lay out some differences between Polkadot and Kusama.

The general idea I get is that Kusama is not “high security” or “high scalability” but rather low barriers to entry, fast.

Therefore, is a DeFi project for example, or a Layer 1 built on Kusama that will have high value applications such as DeFi, worth anything on a blockchain that is not “high security” or high scalability” other than the potential to become a Polkadot parachain?

Hello guys,

I participated in the first and second crowdloans and I am trying to check in advance which projects may be more interesting for the coming rounds.

However, looking at the information from parachains.info, I realized that almost 1/4 of the projects have been labeled as DeFi.

We already have Karura and Bifrost. Now, Genshiro, Altair and Basilisk are in the auctions, being also DeFi related projects. Then come Kintsugi and Sakura.

I am not an expert at all and would like to ask you why there are so many? Do they cover different DeFi aspects?

These projects will have to fight with similar DeFi solutions in othe recosystems like ADA, SOL ,etc.

This in some way has to do with this subreddit.

Always leave some MOVR in your free balance, otherwise you will not be able to Claim the vested tokens, it will tell you that you have no funds to cover the gas fees.

As /u/horimat pointed out, you can use Solarbeam's bridge method to get some MOVR.

I crowdloaned to KAR and that seemed to be alright. I really wanted to participate in the Calamari crowdloan but under confusion of when I was suppose to contribute I missed it.

I personally don't understand the ideas of the rest of the projects that are likely to win. Basalisk website just looks.... off. Altair seems, ok but ehh seem a bit ahead of it's time at the moment. I'm not saying these projects are good or bad, and I know Altair has the highest rewards but it's just not....my style I guess.

As the crowdloans go on, are the projects likely to get weaker and weaker? Or are they just thrown in randomly?

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