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Right now, up 4.38 percent in just the last 24 hours, doing very, very well.

If we take a look at the market, the crypto market’s recovering fairly well today as well. You can see, you know, about a one-point-five nine percent increase in the last 24 hours Bitcoin above 43.3 k we also see Ethereum above 3k yet again. And there’s pretty much green across the board.

Chainlink’s doing very well, about 24.82 Polygon, like I said, doing very, very well. These last 24 hours are pushing a 4.38 increase, and we can see the market cap at a very low 7.5 billion dollars trading activity 66 percent by 34 sells.

So still looking good there. We also see that the all-time high push was that 2.65 cents if we look back at 2.65 cents right around May 17th at 8 pm.

We can also see that if you know really if you deep dive into it, you’re going to see the volume continue to drop, and that is because we are during a weekend or in a weekend right now. Sunday’s usually a rough day for crypto because the volume is so so low it usually is a very, very volatile day altogether in the market.

I do want to look at the last week though we are seeing about a 15 percent decrease in the last month seeing about a 24 percent decrease, so we’re still seeing a great opportunity for people to buy. I know in the last 24 hours, we have increased from about a dollar of four to about a dollar 16. But you know, realistically speaking, this is still a situation where you’re finding a bottom in the last week and the last month. So still giving you a great opportunity if you’re looking for a coin to buy maybe dollar-cost averaging in on Polygon is not such a bad idea.

We’re going to jump into Polygon talk about all the partnerships the good things going on around the space, but in just a second. Because we have something to talk about regarding the Polygon Matic partnership with alchemy, MFT’s autograph nft is live on Polygon.

Integrating with Polygon makes it easier for AutographNFT users to add value to their real tokens and prevent thought you know fraud in this NFT space.

Brought in the NFT space is going to be something many people are worried about. I will say guys. If you haven’t already, make sure to like the article, subscribe to the channel and turn notifications on. We talk about crypto every single day on this channel. Whether it’s altcoins, whether it’s slow market cap coins, whether it’s the Bitcoins like Polygon, Chainlink, you know Cardano.

We cover it all, so I do want to jump a little farther forward and talk about some different integrations of partnerships and some, you know, different websites that have some great articles regarding Polygons recent partnerships. But before we do so, I do want to talk about Blockfi.

Real quick, so the big thing with BlockFi is the passive rewards, right so. If you have, let’s say, Chainlink, and you can’t stake Chainlink right so you can stake Polkadot about 12 to 14 percent and insane, insane APY. With Chainlink, there is no staking right now. So you can use BlockFi to, you know, take the benefits there. This works with many different cryptocurrencies as well to earn more from your crypto with a block fight interest account or bia account. Your cryptocurrency can earn up to 7.5 APY interest occurs daily and is paid monthly. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait.

I do want to jump back and go through some of, like I said, Polygons big partnerships. Another one here is;

India’s largest asset financing company Shariram.

The transport finance onboards print two blocks platform blockchain dot.io with Polygon as their public auditor. Polygon helps with the blockchain auditing infrastructure to print to block. That’s going to be a big deal. As we continue to see, Polygon grabs more assets and integrations the farther we get into this year.

We also see the nft star and NFC trading platform powered by v9 is coming to Polygon with Polygon skilling solutions users can buy, trade and interact with nft collections through the platform.

This is going to be a big deal as well, and we continue, like I said, to see new projects and old projects jumping on board with Polygon to avoid those gas fees and any problems that you may get without the, you know, layer two chains.

I want to jump through and talk about Coindesk’s article here about the asset manager osprey launches Polygon fund. The fund will invest in Polygons native token, Matic.

This is something that many people like to see as well, so investing in the native token Matic and, you know, seeing more institutional and hopefully retail investors following suit. So Polygon is a disruptive layer two technology that gains from an Ethereum secure network while my, you know, mitigating common blockchain pain points. Such as high gas fees and slow transactions.

We’re excited to offer investors a new way to tap into the growing ethereum market via the osprey Polygon trust. Osprey is a digital asset manager that’s part of a crop of new crypto funds to serve institutional investors. We also see here that the publicly traded crypto exchange coinbase is serving as the fund’s custodian. We also see at the very bottom the trust is available to accredit and investors with a minimum of 10 thousand dollars investment in osprey prince to list the you know fund on the over counter OTCQX exchange to remove fees on shares open it up to retail investors.

So very, very cool obviously, you know great news for Polygon altogether we do have two more articles to jump into this one’s going to be a quick one I’m not going to go too deep into this one.

News crypto kind of partners with Polygon to create first stellar Polygon bridge. So news crypto will join forces with Polygon to improve interoperability, connect the Polygon blockchain distiller, and create wrapped XML or wxlm tokens that will be usable in Polygons Defi ecosystem.

I do want to go a little bit farther into this. As I said, the last one here is panther and Polygon taking privacy to new heights in DeFi.

Panther protocol creates a scalable private infrastructure for smart contracts platforms like defi and Web3.

And you can see Polygon and panther, you know, announcing that strategic partnership with leading layer two scaling solution Polygon.

So panther and Polygon tackling that privacy uh the privacy solution. And you know with the users they can expect to find a wide range of features in the MVP including shielding and de-shielding of assets the founding of the foundation of z assets to function private transfers of assets voluntary full to closure disclosure of selected transactions and their linkage also able to interact and with paint uh really panther via web wallet and also panther via web wallet.

So there is a lot there in this partnership, but I do want to jump back and talk about the end of the year and the end of the bull market price predictions for Polygon.

You know I’m expecting some good things to come up with the Polygon Hermes merger that we had earlier in the year. There are so many good things taking place behind the scenes. As I said in this kind of market, so many utility continuing use cases make Polygon a fairly solid choice. I do think by the end of the year. We have a chance of pushing back to our previous all-time high. You can see here it says 2.83 on the chart. I think 2.83 is something that we could easily reach by the end of the year. I’m thinking anywhere between 2.50 to three dollars by the end of the year. And keep in mind, guys, that will be a very realistic, reasonable price prediction. I’m trying to stay on the conservative side of price predictions, and 2.50 dollars to three dollars on ta looks just very, very accessible on paper.

I do want to say, guys, as well as we push through this year, we will have a great bull market run. Probably at the beginning of the q1 2022 stage as well. And with that, I do think by the end of the bull market altogether. So Polygon could easily be seeing anywhere between five to seven dollars.

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