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By October 6, 2021Polkadot
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The second round of auctions have seen projects reaching max bids for their slots... one after the other. We didn't see this level of engagement for some of the projects that won a slot during the first round of auctions. Is there a first round project you missed out on? (I didn't figure out how to participate in the auctions until the third slot... Shiden). Is there a project you missed out on in this second round of auctions? I wish I had contributed more to Kintsugi!

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that there will be an 11th auction... allowing Kintsugi to get in on this second batch of auctions. A lot of support behind this project!

Lots of Kusama is getting locked up in crowdloans reducing circulating supply... I'm excited to see how this impacts price action going forward through the next 48 weeks.

Shout out to Pinknode... infrastructure as a service provider for Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem! Have you heard of them? What's your opinion?

good question

Normally it will be returned to you at the end of the auctions in the batch. for the first 4 auctions KSM would roll forward with Kint into the next auction until it wins...but this 10th is the last auction in this batch of 5 (6-10). Sounds like the governance council for KSM is considering adding an 11th auction to this batch but I'm not sure if that means the KSM will be returned and if you want to support Kint then the you will have to resubmit to another crowdloan or if their decision to add the 11 means it will be tacked onto the last set of auctions. My guess is they want Kint in there really bad so this will just continue the current batch of auctions and you (and I) won't have to do anything ..our KSM will be locked in there until Kint wins 11th or not (where it will be returned).

Well, I can't give you an ELI5 about what Kint will do with the BTC bridge... What I can do is answer your other questions.

Not for slot 10. Kint's max contribution is capped at 200k KSM, and Heiko's max is 400k KSM. Heiko also has some big backers, so it's virtually impossible for Kint to win the 10th slot. There may be an 11th slot in this batch though.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as the title of this post states, Kint has already reached it's crowdloan cap, meaning no more contributions can be sent.

An announcement from Picasso's discord account states that participants in their crowdloan during this second batch of auctions will receive a 5% bonus if they contribute the same amount during the next round of slot auctions (the 3rd round).

They are significantly behind in contributions from the two frontrunners: Heiko & Kintsugi and may not win a slot during this second round of auctions... neither the 10th nor the 11th. But they're asking for your support anyway! All participants who contribute to Picasso during this second round... and contribute that same amount when the 3rd round of Kusama auctions open up (probably end of this year early next year) will be given a 5% bonus on top.

Thanks to Composable Finance for the high-five to the community! Is anybody interested in contributing to Picasso now... who wasn't going to at all during this round of auctions? How are you maximizing your rewards and what are your strategies?

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