Could the New Polkadot Update Boost Cryptocurrency?

By October 8, 2021Polkadot
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Institutional and retail investor interest in Polkadot is increasing. One of the main events is Polkadot’s listing on EToro. The social trading platform will allow more traders to access this cryptocurrency. Unfortunately this offer is not yet present in the USA. This will certainly lead to an increase in trading volumes, with possible appreciation of the listing.

Web3, Polkadot’s wallet platform, raised $ 2.35 million to offer additional wallet functionality by the end of November. With the development of NFTs, DotSama, combining Polkadot and Kusama, will make the cross-chain between the two networks compatible. This is to increase the trading volume of NFTs.

New update for the Polkadot network

The Polkadot blockchain does not stand still. In fact, the Polkastarter multichain IDO platform released the latest update last weekend, in order to increase the inclusion of the Polkadot community. The update will allow users, through the staking and IDO farming options, to be able to achieve returns.

Polkaster will allow cross-chain projects to take advantage of a platform to raise funds for investment. It has already raised $ 11 million since Monday. In addition to this is added the release of the DAO governance framework by the aggregator DeFi Dot.Finance.

This will allow investors to vote. This will be allowed for those with 2,500 PINK tokens. They will be able to decide on the future strategy of the platform, which could lead to an increase in on-chain activity and support the price of Polkadot.

Polkadot Technical Analysis: What Levels To Keep An Eye On

Polkadot’s price in recent weeks has been wedged between two Fibonacci levels at $ 38.85 and $ 26.78. Since looking at the 9 and 21 period averages, after bouncing near $ 13.7068, the fastest average cross occurred in the week of August 23, giving a good signal of entry.

The price was affected by the $ 38.8556 level, using it as resistance. The price then retreats to test the 21-period average, which proved to be dynamic support. The current price of $ 33.704, with the break of resistance, can point to a May high at $ 49.64.

For a look at all of today’s economic events, check out our economic calendar.

The two actresses will reprise their roles and will be directed by Elizabeth Banks.

Perhaps not everyone will remember, among the releases at the end of spring 2013, the pleasant Voices, which exploiting the youthful passion, sharpened by shows such as X-Factor, for the singing competition, he had told the growth path of a group of adolescents against the backdrop of a demanding national a cappella singing competition.

While you try to remember the film, which has grossed 115 million dollars worldwide and also depopulated on Youtube with its musical scenes, we inform you that we have been talking about a sequel for some time, which will simply be titled Pitch Perfect 2 and which will be directed not by Jason Moore, but from Elizabeth Banks.
The actress, to whom we owe the idea of ​​the first Pitch Perfect, will make her debut behind the camera, returning at the same time to interpret the race commentator Gail.

To these not very fresh news we add the confirmation of the return, in the role of the protagonist, of Anna Kendrick, who will be brave and shy again Beca.
The participation of Rebel Wilson, who will once again fill the role of Fat Amy.

The screenwriter Kay Cannon is already working on the script, but no plot details have yet been revealed.
Recall that among the next films in which we will see Anna Kendrick there is the new musical of Rob Marshall Into The Woods.

adam sandler rough diamonds, best movies of 2020
adam sandler rough diamonds

The controversies continue regarding the nominations for the Oscars 2020 (see the complete list HERE). After those moves by the screenwriter John Francis Daley to the detriment of Joker it is the turn of Adam Sandler who was, quite surprisingly, excluded from the list of eligible candidates for the statuette for best leading actor. Indeed the performance of the Neyworkese actor in the film Uncut Gems it was, by all accounts, superb.

They thought about explaining the reasons for this burning exclusion, in a recent interview with New York Post, some voting members of the Academy, including Terry Moore, 91-year-old actress nominated in 1952 for the Best Supporting Actress award for Little Sheba returns. Besides her, two other members, who wished to remain anonymous, were quite hard on Sandler. One of them spoke of the “brand” that the actor carries with him, incompatible with an Oscar winner

The performance was a real tour de force. Sandler is emerging as a really great actor, but then he goes back to doing those Netflix comedies that are really stupid. There are a lot of movies, a lot of performances a year that we watch. Unfortunately, the actors become brands. Sandler’s brand does not recall the Oscar as does that of Leonardo Di Caprio or Jonathan Pryce

Another member who remained anonymous revealed some resentment of the Academy towards the actor due to some statements in which Sandler threatened to make bad films on purpose if he had not been awarded an Oscar, we talked about it here.

That sentence was quite a bit arrogant. It was a lack of respect. If he makes another great movie, he will be nominated.

What do you think of the words of these Academy members? How do you judge the choice to penalize Sandler because of the “brand” he brings with him?

In any case, here you can see the trailer for Uncut Gems.

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Mustang Shelby
The Mustang Shelby from “I am legend”

It is on sale, at auction, on the eBay portal, the Mustang Shelby GT500 used by Will Smith in the filming of the film “I’m legend”, post-apocalyptic film, based on the novel by Richard Mateson.

Will Smith and “I am Legend”

Mustang Shelby 2
The Mustang Shelby driven by Will Smith

The book was written in 1954. For this reason the events are set in a future that, at that time, seemed dark and distant: 2012, when Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, seems to be the only survivor of a frightening pandemic that began 3 years earlier, generated by the genetically modified measles virus.

It is one of the most famous films of the Will Smith’s long career, which began with the famous sit-com “Willy, the Prince of Bel Air”, but continued with science fiction cult such as the saga of “Men in black” or “Independence day” and light-hearted detective stories like “Bad Boys”. But Will Smith also managed to stand out as a more purely dramatic actor, in films such as “Ali” or “The Pursuit of Happiness” and “Seven Souls”, the latter two directed by Gabriele Muccino.

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The Mustang Shelby GT500: features and price

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The back of the Shelby Mustang

Evocative scenes in which the Mustang Shelby GT500 cruises through the deserted and now decadent streets of New York. “Io sono Leggenda” is a sobering film, especially given the period the world experienced with the Coronavirus pandemic. In a ghostly silence, defending himself from zombies and vampires, Will Smith tries to get away with driving the Mustang Shelby GT500.

Now, that car is for sale on eBay. This is probably the last model available, since the others used for the shoot would have been scrapped for some time. The film, in fact, was released in 2007. The car is in good condition, having driven 10,629 kilometers. Subjected in the ani to regular maintenance checks. Anyone who remembers the film cannot fail to remember the red bodywork and the silver-colored rims. The interior, on the other hand, is black and red.

The Mustang Shelby GT500 is powered by a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 engine, capable of delivering 500PS of power and 651Nm of torque., thanks also to the six-speed manual gearbox. The diesel-powered car is still owned by the manufacturing company and worth 72 thousand euros.

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