Best channels about cryptocurrencies on YouTube in Spanish

By October 10, 2021DeFi
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Cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance (DeFi) have taken the world by storm. Cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin, have become very popular and, for the most part, have broken the barrier to entry and are beginning to be accepted and adopted by large companies and the people, who have found in them a value in which to invest.

With these YouTube channels on cryptocurrencies, it is possible to learn how digital currencies work and the technology that supports them, as well as learn about the main projects that exist.

However, digital currencies and the technology behind them are very new, so this is normal. not knowing how they work or what must be taken into account when investing in them. Luckily, on YouTube we can find several channels that explain how the main projects work and that give us good investment advice.

-TreceBits: On our YouTube channel you will find many videos in which we explain some of the most important concepts in the world of crypto, such as parachains, as well as the operation of some of the most interesting projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Cardano.

-Crypto Center: In this channel we will find daily videos with the most current news of the crypto world, in which they review all the news about the world of crypto, as well as videos that explain some of the main cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the world.

-Cryptonian: In Criptoniano you will also find daily news about the world of crypto, as well as videos that explain some of the most important terms in the sector such as “Gas Fee”, “Hash” or “Hodl”. You will also have playlists with tips for investing, which can be helpful for all those who are looking to buy cryptocurrencies.

-CryptoRobin IS: CryptoRobin ES publishes videos in which they explain some of the most important projects in the crypto world. Among his published videos you can find reviews of Synthetix, Orion Protocol, Reef Finance. In addition, they have a secondary channel, called Cryptomatics, in which they publish educational videos, explaining the most important concepts in the crypto world.

-CryptoYoda: CryptoYoda offers a very particular content, in which it is possible to find videos with predictions about which will be the best currencies in the future, as well as some growth predictions for some specific currencies such as Solana or Cardano. It also has videos focused on entertainment, such as one in which it explains some of the most well-known myths of Bitcoin.

-Healthy Pockets: This channel offers tutorials on the world of crypto, with which to learn for example how to staking on some platforms such as Binance or Polkadot, predictions on the best cryptocurrencies, as well as various tips for investing in cryptocurrencies.

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